Simulated Diamond Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Simulated Diamond Rings

There are many different kinds of diamonds nowadays you can choose from for your diamond engagement ring. This can be confusing to someone simply wanting to purchase a diamond ring. To make the right purchase decision you have to familiarise yourself with the different types of diamonds, as well as to learn a little about how these different kinds of diamonds come into existence.

Natural Diamond Rings

Natural diamonds are still very popular and they are the world's wonders. As natural diamonds are formed with a single element, carbon under geological conditions like temperature, pressure, over thousands of years to make it transparent, flawless, and prettiest. This hardest gem is the treasure of earth. Natural diamonds have been used in jewelry for ages, and since around 70 years ago they became very popular for the use of engagement rings. Bain estimated that the global sales of diamond jewelry were as high as $80 billion in 2019. Sales are still high, and the US is accounting for about half of the global diamond sales. But in recent years, especially since the release of the movie 'Blood Diamond' consumers have been questioning the ethics, lack of sustainability and conflict surrounding natural diamonds. These are some reasons the the sales of natural diamond sales have been decreasing globally. 

Man Made Diamond Rings

Over the past few years, man made diamonds are getting more and more popular and accepted into the mainstream. Man made diamond rings are the same as lab grown diamond rings. Not all labs or factories are able to produce these diamonds, but only the well-equipped ones with proper control and services. The official term is synthetic diamond rings. These three terms all mean the same; it is a ring that contains a diamond that was created in a controlled environment. Synthetic might sound like 'not real' but it simple means 'not natural'. The creation does not take place in nature, but in a lab. Yet the same elements and forces are used to create a real diamond. This means that a man made diamond ring or synthetic diamond ring contains a real diamond. The only difference is that the diamond does not come from nature. In other words, it has not been mined. 

Synthetic Diamond Rings

Synthetic Diamond Rings are the same as man made diamond rings. There are some huge benefits to synthetic diamonds. They are conflict-free and free of forced labor, unlike many diamonds mined in nature. They are sustainable and not exhausting natural recourses like water used for mining, as well as the diamonds themselves. Synthetic diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, yet they are ethically pure and chemically pure (pure clarity and color) compared to most mined diamonds. They are also much more affordable. These are some of the main reasons for the increase popularity of synthetic diamond rings.

Simulated Diamond Ring

How Man Made Diamond Rings are created

Like natural diamonds, man made diamonds or synthetic diamonds are also made with carbon atoms and possess the same optical and chemical properties. The difference with natural diamonds is the production, which is in a lab for synthetic diamonds and under the earth for natural ones. As natural diamonds are produced with high temperatures and much pressure, labs have tried their best to recreate these circumstances taking nature as their example. Robert Crowningsheild succeeded in producing a gem similar to a diamond in the 1970s. But the studies and trials were going on from the 1950s. Later, they got improved, and now we have the best synthetic diamonds for rings and other jewelry pieces. When we use them as well cut gems for jewelry, they sparkle the same way a diamond does.

Man made diamonds are made by applying the same factors, but with the help of a human, in the lab. Carbon atoms are allowed to react with diamond seeds from synthetic diamonds either in a vacuum chamber or pressurized and high-temperature growth chamber. Later, they meet with several treatments, like a real diamond to change shape, color, hardness, spots, etc. Man-made diamonds don't take thousands of years to be created. Within a few weeks perfect diamonds can be created in quite large portions. This is the main reason for the price difference between synthetic and natural diamonds.  

Features of Synthetic Diamond Rings

Chemically and Optically Identical to Natural Diamonds

Mined diamonds are still considered by many as the best of all gems, but lab-created diamonds for your ring are not lesser (although they will cost you less). The way they are produced is different. Besides than that, everything is the same. They possess the same properties because they are formed in the same conditions with the same element. The durable nature and crystalline properties are the same too. Real diamonds are the hardest on earth with a score of 10 out of 10 on the scale of Mohs. Labs try to produce the toughest and perfect artificial diamonds. Labs do their best to perform such procedures with the required pressure and temperature under controlled situations in order to create real diamonds identical to those found in nature. 

Not easily distinguished from Natural Diamonds

As the lab has tried every possible thing to mimic natural diamonds, the chemical structure is almost the same, having the best sparkle. Hence, it is not easier for any of us to find the real one among both. With a naked eye and no special equipment, even skilled gemologists can't find the difference. If you want to distinguish between both, you will need expensive or high-tech equipment. Some artificial diamond rings are even marked with lasers to show the difference. You get the point, as the customer you're getting the same end result product - although having a different origin story.


Simulated Diamond Rings


Simulated Diamond Rings

A simulated diamond is a gemstone that beautifully resembles the visual qualities of the highest quality mined diamonds available. Simulated Diamonds are physically similar to natural diamonds, yet are not identical to them like synthetic and man made diamonds are. They have not been created with the same material and methods as actual diamonds.

Yet they meet all visual requirements customers have, they are a 100 times more affordable than lab-grown synthetic or natural diamonds and are visually superior to natural diamonds. Our Diamond Simulants outperform the visual quality of natural diamonds on every grading aspect: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Our simulated diamond rings contain pure gemstones: completely free from natural imperfections, free from conflict and free from any forced labor. Hence the name of our global online boutique; Pure Gems.

The universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond is the 4 C's grading method by the GIA. The 4 C's stand for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. By using the independent 4 C's method we prove that the exceptional quality of our Diamond Simulants outperforms that of a natural diamond on every single aspect. 

Simulated Diamond Color

Natural Diamonds have some color due to their inclusions which are imperfections. The less color a diamond has, the higher the rating and price of the diamond. All our Simulated Diamonds have the highest color rating: D colorless, which are 100% pure gemstones. 

Simulated Diamond Jewelry  | Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

Simulated Diamond Clarity

Natural Diamond's almost always have some imperfections because of their natural creation process. For that reason, their brilliance and beauty is unfortunately compromised. Our Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings are very clear and beautiful; the gems are created for near-perfection. Very Very Slightly Included (VVS) natural diamonds are very rare and expensive. Yet our Simulate Diamonds all boast this extremely rare VVS Clarity.

Simulated Diamond Ring Clarity

Simulated Diamond Cut

The quality of the cut into a particular shape depends on the diamond’s angles, proportions, symmetrical facets and finishing details. A diamond (simulant) with a higher quality cut, will have a higher quality brilliance and reflection. Most natural diamonds do not have the perfect cut, because diamond craftsmen have to work with the shape of the raw diamond out of which they aim to get maximum carat value. Our Diamond Simulants have been cut to near-perfection by master craftsman. With the use of highly advanced technology they have been cut into one the most popular diamond shapes, achieving exceptional brilliance and reflection. Most of these gem cuts are offered by us in our Simulated Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry.

Simulated Diamond Jewelry  | Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

Simulated Diamond Carat

The average price of a good 1.0 Carat sized natural diamond lays between 5.000 and 10.000. The average price of a quality 2.0 Carat natural diamond is between 10.000 and 20.000. The Simulated Diamond rings that Pure Gems offers cost less then $200 for visually superior gems. Most of them are 1.0 Carat, 1,25 carat or 1.5 carat, 3 of them are even 2 carats - and they cost only a fraction of the price of a natural diamond. 

Simulated Diamond Jewelry  | Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

Simulated Diamond Quality

Our Diamond Simulants are additionally very hard and durable with a hardness of 8-9 out of 10 on the Scale of Mohs. This makes our Diamond Simulants harder than most natural gemstones, and almost as hard as a naturally formed diamond. Because of this a Simulated Diamond Ring will last you for a very long time. All Diamond Simulant Jewelry by Pure Gems contains these Diamond Simulants of superior quality and optical beauty. Only a diamond expert could detect the difference between the two. Besides their superior quality, our Diamond Simulants are much more affordable than natural diamonds and 100% conflict-free.

Simulated Diamond Rings

Shop the 7 Best Simulated Diamond Rings

These seven beautiful simulated diamond engagement rings are to make you shine with the best memories of your special occasion:

1. Simulated Diamond Eternity Ring


Simulated Diamond Eternity Ring


Our Simulated Diamond Eternity Ring covers your finger completely with a full circle of 20 top quality simulated diamonds. This beautiful jewelry piece signifies eternity and foreverness, the qualities of true love. This ring can be worn on its own and also goes very well in combination with another ring.

2. Two Carat Simulated Diamond Ring

2 Carat Simulated Diamond Ring

Our 2 Carat Simulated Diamond Ring has a 2.00-carat top quality simulated diamond in the center in a precious band of 7 sparkling simulated diamonds on each side, making it even more beautiful. This elegant ring is perfect for those looking for a larger simulated diamond engagement ring.

3. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

What else is more expressive of your love than a heart shaped diamond ring. This engagement ring has the 2.0 Carat heart shaped diamond tapered in the center of this ring with other stunning diamonds on the sides of the gem. 

4. Princess cut Simulated Diamond Ring

Our Princes Cut Diamond Engagement Ring has a brilliant 1.5 carat princess cut simulated diamond with 38 diamonds on the band. It looks so beautiful because of so many diamond simulants on the sides and because of the unique princess cut centre gem.

5. Simulated Diamond Halo Ring

A 1.25-carat gem sits at the center of this stunning Simulated Diamond Halo Ring with 22 small diamonds surrounded. Overall, the ring has over 40 top quality simulated diamonds because there are 9 more on each side as well.

6. Princess Cut Trilogy Diamond Ring

This impressive Princess Cut Trilogy Diamond Ring has a center simulated diamond of 1.00 carat with two princess-cut small diamonds on the sides.

7. Solitaire Simulated Diamond Ring

Our classic Solitaire Simulated Diamond Ring is simple yet elegant. It hold a 1.25 Carat Top Quality Simulated Diamond and is set in a fine sterling silver band. Without additional decoration, the focus is on the band and main gem.

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If you are still unsure which simulated diamond ring to choose, you might want to take a look at our broader Simulated Diamond Jewelry collection. In addition to top quality simulated diamond rings we also offer Real Gemstone Rings and more Real Gemstone Jewelry with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Topaz and more real gemstones. Purchase at Pure Gems in order to get the best quality at the most affordable rate, and enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping and 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all Rings, Earrings and Necklaces. Click on the image below to start shopping!

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