Real Gemstone Jewelry: Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Lab Created

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Gemstone Jewellery Online - Gemstone Rings, Earrings & Necklaces with 7 Types of Gems

The four most popular gemstones in history are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Therefore we offer beautiful jewellery for women with these precious gemstones. We also offer jewellery with the Gemstones Pearl, Topaz and Citrine. Gemstone Jewellery is available in many different kinds, colours and shapes. At Pure Gems we offer beautiful jewellery with Gemstones such as our stunning collection of Gemstone Rings and Gemstone Engagement Rings with center stones and rings with multiple gemstones. We offer them in the most common sizes.

Real Gemstone Jewelry: Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Lab Created

We have a great selection of beautiful Gemstone Earrings such as long gemstone earrings and stud earrings in different cuts and shapes such as the brilliant cut, emerald cut, pear cut, cushion cut, princess cut and heart cut. Then we offer amazing Gemstone Necklaces also called Gemstone Pendants all of which come with a the fine sterling silver chain, except for our luxurious genuine pearl necklaces with seventy-five pearls. We additionally have a few unique Gemstone Bracelets with Pearls. These are the most popular gemstone jewelry types for women. With our wide selection of gemstones we offer a great variety of Gemstone Jewellery.

Ruby & Sapphire - Real Lab Grown Red and Blue Gemstones

Real Gemstone Jewelry: Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Lab CreatedOne of the most sought after colourful gemstones are Red Ruby and Blue Sapphire. At Pure Gems we offer grown Real Rubies and Real Sapphires that are identical to natural rubies and natural sapphires, but have higher clarity, color and carat at lower costs. They are created using the same natural elements aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and 2000 °C heat in a controlled environment. At Pure Gems we also offer Gemstone Jewellery with real grown gemstones such as real beautiful red Ruby Jewellery and real blue Sapphire Jewellery with Sapphire from Switzerland. 

Simulated Diamond & Emerald - Top Grade High Quality Gems

Real Gemstone Jewelry: Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Lab Created

The transparent white gemstone is the hardest and most known gemstone in the world. Our Diamond Simulants Outperform the Quality of Natural Diamonds on all of the 4 C's for diamonds; Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. The same counts for the Simulated Emerald which are also of Better Quality than natural emeralds. Instead of the €5000 to €20.000 that you would otherwise pay for a quality one or two carat natural diamond or natural emerald jewellery item, we can offer amazing Pure Gems of higher quality for only between €100 and €250. They are Pure Gems, free from natural imperfections, free from conflict and free from any forced labor. You will find these Top Grade Simulated Gemstones among our Simulated Diamond Jewelry and our Simulated Emerald Jewerly.

Topaz, Citrine & Pearl - Conflict-free Natural Gems Jewellery

Real Gemstone Jewelry: Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Lab Created

Natural Topaz which is a beautiful sky light blue mined gemstone from Brazil which are color treated to achieve their sky blue colour. The other natural gemstone we offer is the golden-yellow Natural Citrine which is also a mined gemstone from Brazil. The citrine gemstones are not colour treated. We also use Genuine Pearls being cultured freshwater pearls. These are 100% pure pearls with beautiful lustre in natural white and colours. 

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