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Description: This Special Ruby Ring Holds an Outstanding 2.2ct Cushion Cut Ruby as its Center Gemstone. The Gem is set in a 92,5% Pure Silver ring band with as many as 38 Diamond Simulants on its side, designed to make you feel special every day.

Ring Size: You can purchase this ring in size 52, 54 or 56. This is the circumference of the ring, in other words: the length in millimetres around your finger. You can easily measure your ring size with a measuring band or with a measuring stick and a small rope. The number of millimetres around your finger will match the ring size you need. You can see what your the ring size is in other countries with the Ring Size Conversion Chart below.

Luxury Brand: The stunning Jewellery piece is part of the Gemstone Jewellery collection by the Jewellery Brand Pure Gems which is known Globally for its Excellence in Quality, Design & Service; this piece is packed in a luxurious gift box of pure white polished wood with a satin ribbon.

Real Ruby: This gemstone is a Genuine Red Ruby; Ruby is formed by heating aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and chromium to more than 2000 °C under high pressure; a process which can happen both in nature as well as in a lab; this lab grown ruby is a 100% Real High Quality Ruby.

Great Design: This beautiful women’s jewellery piece is designed by highly skilled top designers and finely crafted by experienced gemstone experts and precious metal smiths; the beautiful pure white fine 925 sterling silver is the precious metal of choice due to its great shine and purity.

Conflict Free: These Gemstones are Pure Gems in every way; besides their pure brilliance and VVS clarity they are also 100% morally pure; the Gemstones in this Women’s Jewellery Piece are 100% conflict-free, forced labour-free, child labour-free and do not exhaust natural resources.

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This Ruby Jewelry is made with Real Ruby. This beautiful red Ruby is a 100% genuine lab-grown Real Ruby of Very High Quality.

All Ruby Jewelry by Pure Gems contain these lab-grown Real Rubies. Our Rubies are of superior quality and optical beauty with excellent Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Ruby Jewelry by Pure Gems is beside it's superior quality also much more affordable than natural Ruby jewelry and is 100% conflict-free.

Red Ruby

There are two types of Real Rubies; natural Ruby and lab-grown Ruby. Lab-grown Ruby is chemically identical to natural Ruby mined from rock. Both are 100% real Ruby consisting of the same material.

Natural Ruby is mined in countries like Afghanistan, Burma, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka. This mining process often involves conflict, forced labor and even child labor. We do not use these natural Rubies since we only offer Pure Gems.

Top quality natural Rubies are also very expensive costing up to €10.000 per carat and more. Almost all natural Rubies have impurities, lack of clarity and faded color. This is Another reason why we do not use any natural Rubies.

We only use Lab-grown Rubies. These real lab-grown Rubies are deep red Rubies of Top Quality. The Rubies are conflict-free and free from impurities. Lab-grown Rubies are also not enhanced or color treated.

Ruby Stones

Ruby is actually the same gemstone as Sapphire; the only difference being its color. The name Ruby simply comes from the Latin word ruber meaning: red.

Ruby mainly consist of Corundum. The element Corundum is aluminium oxide (Al2O3) in crystallized form. The red color of Ruby comes from the element chromium when it is combined with aluminium oxide.

Ruby is grown in a lab using the flame fusion method invented by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil in 1903. The process simulates how Ruby is created in nature. The creation of gemstones such as Rubies requires extreme heat being applied to the right mix of chemical elements.

The method requires a 100% pure powder form of the elements alumina mixed with chromium. For Ruby to be created the elements need to be heated at a temperature of at least 2000 °C in a highly specialized oven.

The heating of the elements happens using a complex method involving combustion (explosion) until the elements are melted. The melted elements leave the oven in small drops which become hard and together form the crystallized gemstone. This is how Real Pure Ruby of High Quality is created.

Finally the Ruby is being cut into Ruby Gemstones. Due to its Purity these Rubies have excellent clarity. They exhibit the best deep red color due to the perfect mix of elements used. The Rubies are crafted into excellent gemstone cuts by gemstone experts before they are finally set into our Ruby Jewelry.

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"I am totally in love with the unique design of this jewel and the color of the gemstone. Its clarity is amazing and it is definitely an eye catcher."
- Joelle, Germany
"Excellent service, a beautiful ring and fast delivery to the the UK. I would highly recommend!"
- Daniel, United Kingdom
"Got earrings as a gift to my wife. Beautiful product, quick delivery and great customer service. Very happy with this purchase!"
- Ben, The Netherlands
"I thought I was only going to wear this piece for special occasions. Now I wear it every day! I love how it makes me feel precious."
- Mahela, Germany
"The earrings I ordered are indeed beautiful. I received them very quick and they were wonderfully wrapped in a wooden box."
Geert, The Netherlands
"The ring fits perfectly! I love the shape, color, design - simply everything about it. I already received many compliments."
- Hanna, Israel
"Beautiful Jewelrynicely packed and fast delivery :-) " 

- Simone, The Netherlands 

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