Diamond and Gems Jewelry Cleaning: Keep the Sparkle

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning

Jewerlry requires cleaning, especially jewelry with diamonds and gems. When you have these or are considering to buy them, it doesn't hurt to spend a moment thinking about diamond cleaning and gemstone cleaning. This is the required maintenance and care to keep their shine and sparkle alive over the years. Diamond and gemstone jewelry needs to be cleaned and kept in top condition in order to maintain its sparkle and beauty. 

The two professional methods for cleaning diamond and gemstone jewelry are steam and ultrasonic cleaning. These are professional diamond cleaning methods that ensure the gems retain their sparkle for a long time to come. 

Simulated Diamond Rings

  • Steaming is a popular method for removing dirt, oils, and debris that may have accumulated from wearing simulated diamond rings on a regular basis. It is particularly effective in cleaning diamond jewels with difficult-to-clean areas. It is best to patronize a professional for this method since some gems are more delicate and prone to scratches if not handled with the utmost care.
  • Ultrasonic machines use water and ultrasonic waves to penetrate the ring, making sure every crevice and hard-to-reach areas are properly cleaned. Some jewelry stores offer in-store ultrasonic cleaning services for customers.

Diamond Ring Cleaning

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning you can do at home

There are also less difficult methods for cleaning gemstone and diamond jewelry at home. With the methods below you can do it yourself.

  • Use liquid soap and warm water. Lather the jewel with soap and warm water, then use your fingers or a clean, soft cloth to clean the ring for about one minute. Next, rinse thoroughly with clean water until all the soap is washed off without any trace of soap residue. Otherwise the residual soaps, when not removed, can form a film on your gem, thereby reducing its sparkle and shine.

Simulated Diamond Jewelry

  • Other options include the use of polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner. Polishing cloths are typically produced from soft cotton materials. They are gentle on gems, leaving no scratches or abrasion. Jewelry cleaners for diamonds and gems are sold online or in some jewelry stores. Some of the cleaners are designed with brushes that can dig into hidden corners, while others come with clothes or wipes. It is important to check the label of the cleaner to see if it is compatible with your gemstone before buying. This is because some jewelry cleaners are not suitable for every diamond and gemstone type.

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