Emerald Engagement Ring: Find The Best Emerald Diamond Ring

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It is no secret that the Emerald Engagement Ring is so popular among the ladies because of its distinctive green spark. However, this is not the only reason that Emerald rings for women are so in trend. So, here's a bit of know-how on the subject before you go ahead and buy an emerald Diamond Ring.

What are Emeralds exactly?

Are you aware that Emeralds are one of the big 3 colored stones in the world? In other words, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emeralds rule economic activity more than any other colored stone in the world. So, it is no wonder that for over 5000 years, Emeralds have retained their place as one of the most valuable and desirable colored stones in the globe. 

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Emeralds originate from a mineral family called beryl and are gem-quality specimens. Not to mention, Emeralds are limited to a small number of locations worldwide. The common places they are often found include igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

Ancient civilizations in Asia, Africa, South America treated Emeralds as one of the most esteemed gemstones among the other gemstones that are used in Emerald Engagement Rings and other emerald jewelry today.

Emerald Engagement Rings are in trend

Are you in a conundrum of buying an Emerald Engagement Ring or not because these gemstones have been around for a while? Perhaps you have a notion that they are obsolete. The simple answer you’re looking for is they are in trend more than ever!

For instance, celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc. have been spotted numerous times while sporting gorgeous emerald pendant necklaces, and emerald earrings at events like New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Hollywood Film Awards Gala, American Music Awards, and Golden Globes.  

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Sometimes, Emeralds even surpass diamonds and have become the first choice for engagement rings. For example, famous people like Jackie Kennedy had chosen a gorgeous Emerald and diamond engagement ringto sparkle her day.

On the other hand, Halle Berry had also chosen to go with an elegant Emerald Engagement Ring. Another fine example is Zoe Saldana’s one of a kind pear-shaped Emerald Engagement Ring.

The Emerald and Diamond Ring in fashion  

Emerald is a bold, and unparalleled gemstone with a daring color. These can be easily paired up with other colors such as red, blue, white, black, and purple. Not to mention, the genuine deep green color can pop anyone’s skin tone instantly providing a glamorous look.

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Every woman’s choice is different. Some choose minimal jewelry over detailed pieces of work. The beauty of emerald embedded jewelry is, they are for everyone regardless of their skin tone or preference.

Emeralds have especially garnered the fashion industry’s attention because of their grace to entice all the seasons without limitations. Whether it’s an elegant Emerald Engagement Ring, Emerald necklace, bracelet, or an Emerald and diamond engagement ring, Emerald solitaire ring, they bring the bold sparkle to your life that you’ve been always craving for.

This is why Emeralds have become the ultimate tool in the fashion arsenal. Not to mention, emeralds rule the fashion runways. It is not only about jewelry. From footwear, and accessories to handbags emeralds have stolen the show with their spark and life. It seems that emeralds are here for a long time and will continue to be considered luxury items in the decades to come.

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Are Synthetic Emeralds valuable as the Natural Emeralds?

The short answer is yes! But, it is totally understandable that you might need a bit of convincing. Synthetic Emeralds’ production dates back to the mid-1800s. However, Carroll Chatham was the one who initiated making them as commercial quantities in the 1930s.

Since then, many companies such as Gilson, Seiko Corporation, Lechleitner, Kyocera Corporation, and Chatham Created Gems have been creating Synthetic Emeralds by using flux and hydrothermal processes.

This process is slow and energy-consuming. The equipment that is used to create Synthetic Emeralds are expensive, hence these gems become some of the most expensive synthetic gems.

Speaking of which, Lab-created Emeralds have been completely made inside a lab whereas natural Emeralds occur naturally. However, their chemical makeup is identical. Because their chemical composition and crystal structure are the same. Even high quality simulated Emeralds are visually identical or superior to natural emerald. These aspects make the affordable alternative emerald a great buy.

Emerald and Diamond Ring

How lab-grown Emerald is created

If you're thinking of purchasing an Emerald Engagement Ringor any jewelry made of Emeralds, having some knowledge on how they are lab-made might clear some misconceptions out further.

In order to create synthetic Emerald, a beryl seed can be placed inside a sealed, pressurized container that is filled with pure water. Then a nutrient that consists of crushed emerald, vanadium, chromium, etc. is put into the hydrothermal environment. After that, an electrical charge is passed through it in order to ionize the environment. The unit is heated slowly in an autoclave.  

When the heat and pressure go approximately up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and 800psi, inside the sealed environment, the molecular de-stasis process starts. Now, the molecules of the nutrients are stripped away by the process and attracted to the larger emerald seed while reforming on it. This emerald seed is now quite solid. Large crystals take weeks to form while they grow at a rate of 0.15 mm per day.

Natural emeralds on the other hand form when hydrothermal fluids escape from the magma in the Earth's crust. These fluids need to contain beryllium and begin to cool down in the deposit veins. Emeralds can be either formed in pegmatite deposits or hydrothermal veins in metamorphic environments.

Naturally, the emerald formation takes thousands of years. As you can see, with a similar forming process to the natural formation, you can have a brilliant, clear, and valuable synthetic emerald embedded in a gorgeous Emerald Ring for Women in a matter of days with a lesser amount of money.

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Benefits of Synthetic and Simulated Emerald over Natural

Right about now, you might be wondering why would anyone opt for a Lab-created Emerald ring over an Emerald Engagement Ring that is made with natural Emeralds. The main reason is the budget.

Say you need to purchase an Emerald and Diamond Ring for your engagement or you simply need to buy an Emerald Ring. But, you cannot spend a fortune to have a natural Emerald. This is where lab-created emerald ringscome into play. When you buy one of these, you can save a significant amount of money without having to sacrifice the pre-eminent quality or appearance.  

However, you shouldn’t let the thought of Synthetic or Simulated Emeralds being a second choice go to your head. As a matter of fact, in some aspects, lab-created emerald rings have the upper hand over natural ones.

One upside is, they always bring superior clarity and uniform which are especially suitable for any jewelry piece including, Emerald and diamond engagement rings, or Emerald birthstone rings. Because of the natural Emeralds’ forming process, 99% of them have inclusions A.K.A. flaws or imperfections.

However, any piece of jewelry with synthetic or simulated emeralds has been built for near perfection. You can see this for example in the video below of our Beautiful Cushion Cut Emerald Diamond Ring

What to look for in an Emerald Engagement Ring?  

The color

Whether you're buying an Emerald Engagement Ring, Emerald and Diamond Ring, Emerald birthstone ring, Emerald solitaire ring, etc. the predominant factor that determines the value of the Emerald jewelry is their color.

When you're shopping, you'll see a variety of Emeralds that are graded by their hue, tone, and saturation. These are the main 3 elements that divide Emeralds into categories such as, AAA quality (The highest), AA, A, B, and C being the lowest grade.

Although the colors might vary, you should look for a deeper green color in emeralds that don’t have other color undertones when placed face up. The key is to go for an Emerald that is not too light or dark.

For instance, all the Emeralds that Pure Gems offer are AAA grade with pure green color and evenly distributed saturation. 

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The clarity

Inclusions (imperfections) are acceptable, however, when they pose a negative effect on the transparency or the clarity of the gem, it drastically dwindles the value of it.

Emerald inclusions such as clouds, needles, crystals, feathers, pinpoints, fissures, and cavities will be visible in many emeralds. However, remember to purchase an Emerald Ring for Womenwith emeralds that include fewer inclusions. More inclusions equal opaque, lifeless, and less vibrant gems which you should avoid.

Pure Gems, on the other hand, provides simulated emeralds that have a deep green color, crystal system, hexagonal structure, high reflective index, brilliant transparency, and hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the scale of Mohs.

As mentioned above, synthetic emeralds are ideal for making jewelry due to their fewer inclusions. This is why Pure Gems are excelled at creating unblemished and durable jewelry out of them.

Emerald Cut Emerald Ring

The Emerald cut  

The emerald cut is another factor that determines the value of the Emerald. Emeralds are cut in different shapes and carat sizes in order to fashion them into different jewelry. Some of the popular shapes include round, emerald cut, princess, and cushion. Moreover, Emeralds are cut into almost every famous diamond shape.

The emerald cutter will first scrutinize the shape of the rough stone and then decide the best shape it should be crafted into sans wasting the gem. Round Emeralds are a more popular design when anyone purchases an Emerald Engagement Ring, Emerald and Diamond Ring, Emerald birthstone ring, etc. However, when they’re produced, the rough wastage can be higher than for the other designs.

The upside of having different shapes and sizes of Emeralds is, the jewelers have a choice in turning them into jewelry that is commonly accepted. Not only round, but emerald and cushion cuts are used for crafting Emerald Engagement Rings. Emerald shapes has less wastage, gives stability to the gem, and above all, it flaunts the luscious green color that is emphasized through this style.

An emerald cutter ensures that the emerald has the maximum brilliance when it is cut. In other words, when you tilt the emerald from different angles, it should emit sufficient sparkle and life. Therefore, it is an emerald cutter’s job to make the design including even faceting while making sure the gem has the perfect brilliance. A well-cut emerald will sparkle when the light penetrates and reflects through its facets. 

Emerald Solitaire Ring

Some of the popular styles that Emeralds are cut in

Step Cut - Emerald cut, A.K.A. The step cut is named after the emerald gemstone and has parallel facets that go down from the top facet. These are precise and support to retain the gem’s structural integrity and shine.

Brilliant Cut - Depending on the emerald shape, the Brilliant cut will have triangular cut facets that are varying in number. Although this style produces the most sparkle, it requires more wastage, takes more cutting, and precision which makes it difficult to produce them.

The Mixed Cut - This is a common cut for the Emerald which is a combination of the Brilliant cut and the step cut. Typically the emerald’s crown is cut with the brilliant-cut to maximize the sparkle and the pavilion with the step cut to minimize the wastage.

Cabochon Cut - Emeralds that have a smooth rounded exterior with a flat bottom are categorized into Cabochon Cut. This can be considered as the most affordable cut since they are easier to produce. 

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Emerald Carat

Compared to diamonds, emeralds have a heavier carat weight concentrated at the bottom of the gemstone. Consequently, the top facet and the millimeter size will be slightly smaller than a diamond that is of the same carat weight.

The smallest Emeralds have a variety of sizes ranging from 1 mm to 5 mm. Typically, they weigh from 0.02 to 0.50 carat. 1 to 5-carat stones are famous for being used for center stones.

Some jewelers have carat sizes ranging from 0.7 carats to 5 carats and higher including Pure Gems. If these types of emeralds with this much weight were mined naturally and of high quality, they would cost many thousands of euros. At Pure Gems though, you can purchase a top grade simulated emerald engagement ring for under $200.

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Get the perfect Emerald Engagement Ring online

Despite the jeweler you choose, always remember to steer clear from people who would say a bunch of baloney and sell you cheap emeralds. The key is to go with a reputable, and trustworthy jeweler.

Jewelers such as Pure Gems provide elegant, authentic, sustainable, AAA+ Top Grade Gems, Emerald Rings for Women, Earrings, and Emerald necklaces along with 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Such a guarantee was implemented because Pure Gems ships worldwide. Therefore, if your purchase is not up to par, you can enjoy a hassle-free refund.  

So, if you’re on a quest of finding the perfect Emerald Engagement Ring, have a look-see at Pure Gems simulated emerald jewelry collection, and we guarantee that you won’t go anywhere else! Click on the image with the Emerald Green gardens below to view and shop all our Emerald Engagement Rings! 

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