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Pearl Necklace Price: What Do Real Pearls Cost in 2022?

The pearl necklace price varies by type and depends on other factors, but the most common ones are the white pearls in strands. In this case we're talking about the real pearl necklace price of good quality pearls. A real pearl necklace costs between €75 and €10.000. The ones on the higher end are mostly the Akoya pearl necklaces. However, a strand of rare and beautifully colored pearls can be priced over €100.000 easily. The price of a real pearl necklace depends entirely on the quality, type, color of the pearls and the other factors we explore in this article. Luckily at Pure Gems we offer Real Pearl Necklaces for under €100.

Pearl necklaces have been part of fashion for a long time. We have seen them in old movies where they portray the old fashion. Some people believe they look plain nowadays, but search pearl necklace in 2022 and you will see what you are missing out. Many places sell pearl necklaces of the best quality and you can match them with almost any dress. The variety and huge collection of pearl jewelry are amazing. In this article we will tell you about the history of pearls, and how they reached their fame. You will also learn about every factor that comes into play to determine the pearl necklace price, and get some shopping suggestions for affordable pearl necklaces.

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Pearl Necklace Price throughout the Ages

Pearl is widely known as the only gems that are found inside living creatures. But there was a time when people didn't know which oysters exactly gave these precious jewels. During the Roman Empire, Pearls were revered as so high that only royal families could get them. But even then, the pearl necklace price was so high, most rich couldn't afford it. This led to nations fighting and trying to get their lands where they can collect oysters for pearls. However, the lack of knowledge led them to open all oysters, and most contained no pearls, which almost led the oysters to their extinction. Since freshwater pearl farming was not yet invented in ancient times, they were a rare sight.

Over the next ages, they have always been considered a currency within jewelry. The rich wore them in parties and occasions, and these jewels became the party's attraction. With advancements in technology and time, pearls have become more affordable, but they are still valuable and an attraction. Although fake jewelry can be seen in all forms. So, it becomes hard to know what's real and what's fake. Luckily, we will discuss that too and give you an idea of all factors that determine a good quality real pearl necklace and the real pearl necklace price.

Contributing Factors to the Pearl Necklace Price

Pearls can come from irregular shapes to smooth, from white to black, and small to big. Still, what affects the quality and price the most is not just this but six other major factors. We will go through each of these factors and explain how they affect the pearl necklace price.

1. Nacre 

The surface of the nacre is called nacre, and it's where the pearl gets its beauty. An oyster starts forming the pearl when an outside object enters it, which is intentionally placed inside in the case of cultured pearls. The pearl is formed when the oyster starts putting layers upon layer of nacre on the body. The best quality pearls contain thick and smooth layers of nacre, and the increased they are, the higher the value. Each different pearl has a different ratio of nacre in the pearl.

2. Luster

The luster is the main quality that attracts the people towards the pearl. When light enters the pearl and gets reflected, it starts glowing; the more intense the luster, the better the quality and the higher the pearl necklace price. It is said that a good quality pearl should show your reflection on the surface. If you see no reflection in the pearls, they are considered bad quality pearls.

3. Surface

A fine and clean surface increases the value of the pearl. Since it comes from nature, a few marks are expected on the pearl, but they can be insignificant and increase the price greatly. The more marks it has, the lower the quality becomes. Usually pearls worthy of being integrated in jewellery are quite smooth.

4. Shape

Perfect smooth and round pearls are hard to obtain and are considered rarest. A farm cultivates only 2% perfectly round pearls from total yield, and the rest range from oval, slightly curved, to even baroque pearls. The round pearls are of the highest price. Since 98% of pearls are not perfectly round, we don't sell perfectly round pearls at Pure Gems. They are slightly curved. Partially for this reason we can offer a real full pearl necklace with 75 pearls for just 99 Euro's.

5. Color

Multicolor Pearl Necklace

Color is a factor that depends entirely on the person; many women prefer light and creamy white colors, while men like pearls with dark tones and shine. The closer the color is to your preference, the more you can pay to obtain it. At Pure Gems you can choose between white/ivory color pearl jewelry, pink/peach color pearl jewelry and light purple pearl jewelry. We also offer a multicolor bracelet and necklace which can easily be combined together.

6. Size

Of course, the bigger the pearls are, the more attractive they become, especially when all the other factors favor their quality and shine. They can range from 1mm seed pearls to whopping 20mm pearls. The most common ones are about 7mm, and the higher the size gets from there, the expensive they become. Size plays a big role in the real pearl necklace price. All Pearls we offer at Pure Gems are a decent 7 to 9 millimeter or bigger.

7. Origin

The pearl origin or kind of pearl effects the pearl price more than anything. Whether a pearl is a South Sea pearl, Tahitian pearl, Okaya Pearl or Freshwater pearl has a huge impact on the price of the pearl necklace or jewelry piece. Since Pure Gems offers only real freshwater pearl necklaces we are able to offer affordable pearl necklaces of good quality.

Multicolor Pearl Necklace

How Color impacts the Cost of a Pearl Necklace

Maybe the you only think of white and black pearls when you hear the word pearl. Some pearls can go so rare that they are almost fictional. Among those, blue, purple, pink, and golden pearls are considered the most expensive. These colors are so rare and magnificent that they can cost a fortune. 

Farmers of these pearls have always tried to look for different methods to get rare colors, but few succeed. Some farmers try a natural approach and find oysters with these colored lips to give similar or the same colors. Some also try to dye the pearls, but sometimes this can drop the price because natural colors are the most desired ones. Usually only black pearls you find online are dyed. There are also scientific approaches where you can implant the tissue or other colored part of another oyster into the nucleus of a suitable vessel. The industry has definitely advanced in this matter. At Pure Gems all pearls have their color naturally. 

How to Know If a Pearl Is Fake?

There are many fake pearls in the market, and can easily scam you if you don't know these few checking methods. Since pearls are formed naturally, a strand won't contain the same sized pearls, and they will have some imperfections on the surface. They are made by nature, and there's no way to have all perfectly sized and smooth pearls for low prices. You can also check the drilled hole on the pearl. If it shows signs of a nucleus, then it is most likely the real deal. There's also a way to check the best fakes by simply putting two pearls together and rubbing them. If you sense some grittiness, then it's real. Real pearls are also heavier than fake ones, which can help you differentiate between the two.

Some Pearl Jewelry offered at Pure Gems

We offer you some of the best real pearls in your budget. Right now, the collection consists of two kinds of Pearl Bracelets, three Real Pearl Pendants, two Real Pearl Strand Necklaces that contain 75 real pearls, three Real Pearl Earrings, and three Pearl Studs. These are highly popular and desired by our customers, especially the stranded necklaces with 75 real pearls. Even normal strands don't go as much as 75 pearls. At Pure Gems we like to prove the beauty and passion we put in our products. You should definitely check our collection if you are looking for good pearls. Our pearl necklace price is reasonable and great! 

Attract Everyone with 2022's Pearl Fashion

People seem to think that pearls are only for elegant fashion and not for parties or events. However, many celebrities have proved that wrong by wearing these on award shows, from Grace Kelly, Harry Styles, to Gigi Hadid. They stole their fan's hearts by wearing them and fusing them with modern clothes. The most iconic is when Harry Styles wore the most beautiful pearl necklace at the 2020 BRIT awards, which rocked the look of a purple Gucci suit. 

Gigi Hadid was also seen wearing a double-stranded pearl necklace with a colorful polo shirt and futuristic glasses. This shows how pearls have modernized with fashion and are no longer an old fashion. Pearls can be great for any occasion and with any dress and attract a huge crowd to you.

Famous Pearls and Figures That Wore Them 

There have been many stories regarding pearls since ancient times. Even in Greek history, pearls were considered a symbol of love because the goddess Aphrodite was said to emerge from an oyster. Since then, it has always been considered a piece of natural beauty and love, and the people who wore them were often seen as rich people. The royal families considered pearls a great present for other rich people. In the south seas of China, there was a time when pearls were used as currency instead of precious metal coins.

Pearl Necklace Price

Some events that stand out more than others are following.

  1. There's a beautiful legend that Cleopatra once had a bet with Marc Antony that she could serve herself the most expensive meal ever in history. Marc accepted the challenge and watched as Cleopatra put her jewelry (which included the two largest pearls in the world) in a bowl filled with vinegar. The pearls dissolved, and Cleopatra drank the mixture, resulting in her winning the bet.
  2. Queen Elizabeth I, loved pearls and was such a huge fan that she had dresses embroidered with pearls, wigs with pearls, and big jewelry items having lots of pearls. She was probably the only person in history to have worn the most amount of pearls at a time.
  3. The most famous pearl in history belonged to the European royal family, which was passed down in generations, and Mary I of England also wore and immortalized the pearls in paintings of hers. This pearl was sold for over $11 Million in 2011.
  4. The Russian empress Maria Alexandrovna wore long strands of pearl necklaces over her hairs, wrist, her neck, and a big pearl brooch. This has been shown in a famous painting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.
  5. The maharajas of Baroda were famous and legendary for the gemstones they wore. They had some of the most expensive and precious jewels in the world. Just two strands of their pearls were sold for $7.1 Million.
  6. Coco Chanel was a designer rarely seen without strands of pearls around her neck. She often mentioned that many of them were fake. This led to the rise in the popularity of good quality fake pearls. 

Pearls have been famous throughout history, and it is a big misunderstanding to think that pearls are less popular now. Whenever they have been worn by someone famous, we are always left in awe, because their beauty is amazing and these jewels can rock any fashion.

Pearl Necklace Price Conclusion

Pearl Necklaces can be expensive, but they don't have to be. At Pure Gems we sell very good quality real pearl jewelry for less then $199. Our assortment contains Real Pearl Necklaces, Real Pearl Earrings and Real Pearl Bracelets. At Pure Gems you also benefit from Daily Live Chat support and Top of Class Customer Service. All our Gemstones are Ethically Sourced, 100% Conflict-Free and Sustainable as well as affordable to most people. We offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all Pearl Jewelry and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Make this investment now and click the image below to shop our Pearl Jewelry.

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