Pearl Pendant Necklace: Designs, Pearl Types & Shopping

Pearl Pendant Necklace

How the Pearl Pendant Necklace came to be

Pearl necklaces are known as the world's oldest gems, and they have been esteemed for a very long time. Now pearls have been incorporated into different kinds of jewelry such as a pearl pendant necklace or choker. Though it’s unclear what actually prompted the use of pearls in necklaces, pearls as jewelry has been a tradition for centuries. Pearls were first used as gifts by monarchies around the world, such as Chinese Royalty. In 2300 BC, the Chinese Royalty received pearls as gifts. In ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was known as the ultimate status symbol. Pearls were considered so valuable that Julius Caesar, in the 1st century BC, passed a law that restricted the wearing of pearls only to the ruling classes of the country. Natural oyster beds are in abundance in the Persian Gulf. Hence, pearls had significant importance in Arab cultures as well. A piece of pearl jewelry is currently on display at the Louvre in Paris. The fragment was discovered in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess that dates back to 420 BC. 

Later on pearls were used in jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Queens around the world started wearing expensive pearls in their crowns and big necklaces. The multiple layer choker necklaces were adorned with diamonds and pearls and soon started incorporating delicate layers of expensive pearls. The queens that used these choker necklaces to signify their high status and power, also wore pearls in the necklace. That gave away to the trend of pearl necklaces for the centuries to come. In Western Europe, pearls were in great demand because the region's ladies wore pearl necklaces, earrings, pearl bracelets, and brooches to signify nobility and Royalty. The oyster supplies began to decline in the 19th century as the demand for pearl jewelry became high. Nowadays, luckily it's not that difficult anymore as you can find a real pearl necklace online easily.

The main Pearl Necklace Designs

Pearl Pendant Necklace

The pearl pendant necklace has one beautiful pearl hanging in the middle. This design is quite dainty and elegant for everyday use. The cost of a pearl pendant necklace is usually lower than a necklace with many pearls. 

Simple Pearl Necklace

Our Pearl Pendant Necklace is made of a Large 9-11mm Real Freshwater Pearl. The Pearl is attached to a hanger with Top Quality Diamond Simulants and comes with a matching 45cm long 925 Sterling Silver Chain included. The Pearl has an Oval Shape, High Luster and is available in three different colors. You can order this real pearl necklace online with Free Worldwide Shipping and 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee at very affordable prices.

Pearl strain necklace 

The pearl strain necklace is also known as a pearl choker necklace contains an entire strain of pearls. The strain necklace is inspired by the royalty eras. It can contain one or multiple strains of pearls. Pearl strain necklaces are the most wanted pearl necklaces besides the pearl pendant necklace.

Multicolor Pearl Necklace
We offer the Ivory White Pearl Strain Necklace and the Multicolor Pearl Strain Necklace with 75 Real Quality Pearls at Pure Gems for less under $200. This offer also includes Free Worldwide Shipping, 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee and the luxurious white polished wooden gift box it comes in.

Silver pearl necklace

The silver pearl necklace has pearls, and the chain of the necklace is silver. Sometimes the bold silver outline is also added to the necklace for a defined look. The Silver used for a silver pearl necklace is 92,5% fine sterling silver.

Types of Pearls Used in Pearl Pendant Necklace

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls, also known as cultured pearls, are the pearls used for more than 95% of the pearl necklaces and jewelry sold today. Kokichi Mikimoto in Japan initially built up the cultured pearls in 1893, which is shaped similarly to natural pearls. The cultured pearls are made when a human embeds a grain of sand, a globule, or other aggravation into the mollusk for covering with nacre. The round cultured pearls weren't produced in Japan by Mikimoto until 1905. He protected the cycle in Japan in 1908 and the U.S. in 1916. The accessibility of refined pearls made pearl gems available to the working class during the 1920s and 1930s. Nowadays freshwater pearl farms in Asia are the main source for pearls for jewelry.

Freshwater pearls are most famous for their incredible shapes, sizes, and mesmerising color tones. The characteristic colors are white to pink and lilac. They can be colored to coordinate different gemstones. They are less expensive than ocean water refined pearls, but still are real pearls of good quality. Since they are 100% nacre, large round glossy freshwater pearls are uncommon. Only 2%-5% of the freshwater pearls produced today are perfectly round pearls. It is natural is they have their own unique shape due to the creation process of the pearl in the mussel. 

Purple Pearl Necklace

Pearl Pendant Necklace with Real Freshwater Pearls by Pure Gems.

(Available in Light Purple, Light Pink and Ivory White for just €99).

Seawater Pearls

In nature pearls are created in mollusks when an unfamiliar molecule. For example, a grain of sand gets into a mollusk and is then covered by the mollusk with numerous layers of nacre. The best pearls are created by the pearl shellfish in ocean water and are known as Oriental pearls. Oriental pearls were viewed as more valuable than jewels with gemstones and diamonds until the late nineteenth century, since gathering a completely coordinated pearl necklace took years. 

Akoya pearls are cultured seawater pearls. The Akoya seawater pearls are the pearls commonly utilized in numerous customary pearl neckband plans. They are often entirely round, being nucleated with a little dot, and having a delightful glaze. Akoya pearls are  alluded to as 'Refined Pearls' and have an average size of 7mm. The Japanese Enterpreneur Kokichi Mikimoto was the first to establish a useful technique for refined Akoya pearls.

Mother of Pearl

Nacre or Mother of Pearl is the inward covering of a Pearl Oyster shell. This smoother the surface and protects the mollusk from parasites. Mother of Pearl can be in the same number of tones as pearls; however, it is ordinarily soft white to pink or lilac. Since it has similar brilliant quality as pearls, it makes delightful adornments. Some of the most famous pearl pendant designs are made from Mother of Pearl.

Seawater Pearl

Abalone is mollusk valued for the excellent shell inside, covered in the nacre or Mother of Pearl. It is also well known for its eatable substance, which is a delicacy in some parts of the world. The Mother of Pearl of this mollusk varies in shading from shiny white to pink, red, blue, green, and purple, contingent upon the species. In New Zealand, the Abalone is all the more generally known as the Paua.

White South Sea & Golden South Sea Pearls

The pearls from the Silver-Lipped Oyster and the Golden Lipped Oysters are the absolute most cherished pearls of all due to their remarkable shine. They can become gigantic, up to 20mm or more in size, yet the normal size is around 12 - 13mm. South Sea Pearls are the most extraordinary of pearls, and in this manner, they cost a lot. Any South Sea Pearl necklace can cost thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Myths about Pearls

Pink Pearl Necklace

There is a magnitude of folklores and stories encircling the dear jewel of the sea. The ancient actions regarding pearls might seem a little far-fetched to you. But these tales signify the importance and value of pearls in ancient civilisations. Below are some of the most interesting myths:

  • Japanese Legend: the Japanese were firm believers in ancient times that pearls were the tears of mighty mythical creatures. These creatures could be angles, mermaids, and nymphs.
  • Persian Legend: The Persian myths of pearls suggest that pearls were created when a rainbow from the sky connected with the earth after a storm. The reason why pearls are imperfect yet charming could be thunder and lightning.
  • Egyptian Legend: The most dramatic of the myths belong to Egyptian folk stories. After they died, the Egyptians were buried with their pearls because the pearls held a lot of significance.
  • Chinese Legend: In the early Chinese civilisation, black pearls held a lot of symbolic importance. They represented wisdom. Pearls were thought to be born inside a dragon's head. The Chinese culture celebrates and respects dragons a lot. Once the pearl fully grows in the dragon's head, it is carried by the dragon between its teeth. The only way to win the pearls is to slay the dragon's head with a sword.

Multicolor Pearl Necklace

The tradition of the Pearl Wedding Necklace

Weddings are a big deal worldwide; every continent and every country has different wedding trends and traditions. The pearls were incorporated in Christian marriage during the Victorian Era. Since then, a considerable number of brides opt for charming pearl wedding necklaces. Women’s pearl necklaces have become quite an important part of weddings. Pearl jewelry has acquired traditional and famous choice for bridal jewelry as they represent innocence and purity. Most brides opt for pearl necklace online.

Pearl Wedding Necklace

The ancient Greeks solemnly believed and promoted the idea that pearls should become an essential part of every wedding as they bring marital ecstasy, peace, and wealth in the newlyweds’ lives. The Greeks also believed that the pearls would "take away the brides’ tears," ensuring that the bride had a happy and beautiful life without any tears. The simple yet elegant design of pearl necklaces looks good with a variety of wedding gowns. In many different cultures around the globe, a Pearl Wedding Necklace is worn by the bride and the wedding guests. Often this is combined with pearl earrings and sometimes with a pearl bracelet as well.

5 Reasons for a simple pearl necklace

In today's modern world, the trends are ever-changing, and the fashion statements swift very fast. Keeping in check with this ever-changing environment can be a bit of a hectic task. The availability of pearl necklaces online has made it easy for women to shop for their favorite pear pendant necklace. This can be a simple pearl necklace that will last you. To easy the question of "What should I wear today?" you can choose a simple pearl necklace, such as a pearl pendant necklace or silver pearl necklace. These will always maintain their position of the world of fashion.

Women's Pearl Necklace

  1. They add class and elegance to your style. Even if your outfit is simple, a pearl pendant necklace will bring charm to your overall outlook.
  2. A pearl necklace goes with everything. From your business suit to the evening gown, from the casual Sunday brunch outfit to wedding dresses, or even casual clothing - pearls look good with everything.
  3. Pearl necklaces are worn by many leaders in society. Vice-Presidential Candidate for the United States, Kamila Harris, wears pearl necklaces often. So have royalty and celebrities all around the world for centuries.
  4. A simple pearl necklace is affordable. You can buy a simple pearl pendant necklace or pearl strain necklace online for under $200 - for example from the Pearl Jewelry collection by Pure Gems.
  5. You can easily buy a real pearl necklace online. A small investment will get you a real pearl necklace of good quality. At Pure Gems we also offer Free Worldwide Shipping and 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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