Sapphire Gemstone Info


This Sapphire Jewelry is made with real Sapphire. This beautiful blue Sapphire is a 100% genuine lab-grown Real Sapphire from Switzerland of Very High Quality.

All Sapphire Jewelry by Pure Gems contain these lab-grown Real Sapphires. Our Sapphires are of superior quality and optical beauty with excellent Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Sapphire Jewelry by Pure Gems is beside its superior quality also much more affordable than natural Sapphire jewelry and is 100% conflict-free.

Blue Sapphire

There are two types of real Blue Sapphires; natural Sapphires and lab-grown Sapphires. Lab-grown Sapphire is chemically identical to natural Sapphire mined from rock. Both are 100% real Sapphire consisting of the same material.

Natural Sapphire is mined in countries like Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and India. This mining process often involves conflict, forced labor and even child labor. We do not use these natural Sapphires since we only offer Pure Gems.

Top quality natural Sapphires are also very expensive costing up to €10.000 per carat and more. Almost all natural Sapphires have impurities, lack of clarity and faded color. This is another reason why we do not use any natural Sapphires.

We only use lab-grown Sapphires from Switzerland. These lab-grown Sapphires are clear blue Sapphires of Top Quality. These real Sapphires are conflict-free and free from impurities. Lab-grown Sapphires are also not enhanced or color treated.


Sapphire Stone

Sapphire is actually the same gemstone as Ruby; the only difference being its color. The name Sapphire comes from the latin sapphirus, the Greek sappheiros  (σαπφειρος) and the Hebrew sappir (סַפִּיר). These ancient words all simple mean: blue.

Sapphire mainly consists of Corundum. The element Corundum is aluminium oxide (Al2O3) in crystallized form. The blue color of Sapphire comes from trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium.

Sapphire is grown in a lab using the flame fusion method invented by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil in 1903. The process simulates how Sapphire is created in nature. The creation of gemstones such as Sapphire requires extreme heat being applied to the right mix of chemical elements.

The method requires a 100% pure powder form of the elements alumina mixed with chromium and the other elements. For Sapphire to be created the elements need to be heated at a temperature of at least 2000 °C in a highly specialized oven.

The heating of the elements happens using a complex method involving combustion (explosion) until the elements are melted. The melted elements leave the oven in small drops which become hard and together form the crystallized gemstone. This is how Real Pure Sapphire of High Quality is created.

Finally the Sapphire is being cut into Sapphire Gemstones. Due to its Purity these Sapphires have excellent clarity. They exhibit the best deep blue color due to the perfect mix of elements used. The Sapphires are crafted into excellent gemstone cuts by expert crafters before they are finally set into our Sapphire Jewelry.