Cheap Engagement Ring Guide (With 25 Rings under $200)

Cheap Engagement Ring

The importance of a Cheap Engagement Ring

People have always carried this fascination of adorning themselves with decorative items and stones, to show off their wealth and importance, to look their best, and probably because pretty things make us happy. While we have come a long way from fashioning feather necklaces and stone rings, the allure of decorating ourselves with precious stones and shiny ornaments has not faded away. The charm and attraction of these gemstones have made them the focal point of the wealthiest sections of society for thousands of years now. It's only natural that these treasures become unattainable with their earth-shattering prices, quite literally.

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

The romanticized notion of jewelry and gemstones, especially diamonds, make for the most sought-out items to gift someone. Unfortunately, the exclusiveness makes them hard to be affordable for most. After saving and cutting-back for months and possibly years, one can buy a lower range diamond engagement ring or a quality-compromised ruby ornament. An alternative to this price-tag issue might seem impossible, but we have found a way to go-around it, so you can finally propose with a budget-friendly, cheap engagement ring! Find the perfect one for you at Pure Gems. 

An Affordable Engagement Ring is Modern

How can rings, diamonds, rubies or anything to do with any authentic ‘bling’ be affordable and, at the same time, genuine? Well, what can we say? We are living in modern times. Breaking traditions or rather making new ones, the scientific community has formulated ‘Lab-Created Gemstones.’ Also known as ‘Man-Made or Grown Gemstones,’ these luxury pieces are not mere imitations but are the “real deal.” They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural gems. The only major difference would be that one of them is extracted through laborious processes and then refined, and the other one is designed in laboratories, ready-to-go. There are ideal substitutes to natural stones. Thus, we here at Pure Gems offer sophisticated pieces available to you at reasonable and affordable prices, including a select range of Cheap Engagement Ring offers.

Cheap Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring can be Cheap but Real

Note that Lab Grown Diamonds, also called Man Made Diamonds, Synthetic Gemstones and Lab-Grown Gemstones are different from Artificial Gemstones which are also called Simulated Gemstones or Diamonds. These are two different varieties available in the market. While both are created in labs, artificial pieces are imitations and do not have the same composition as naturally-mined stones.

Whereas, Lab-Created ones are exact replicas in terms of chemical structures, physicality, materials, etc. To get the near-similarities of a natural gemstone produced by nature after years of subjugation to enormous amounts of pressure, force, and temperature, these earthly-processes have to be replicated inside a controlled environment. Essentially, these complex and eternity-taking phenomenon’s are performed inside a chemical laboratory at a fraction of the time and without the complicated mining factor. 

History of the Affordable Engagement Ring

Affordable Engagement Rings under $500

The scientific discoveries, developments, and creations in machines and engineering all have one goal in mind- to make human lives easier. This includes making all  products affordable and available for all. And so, since the earliest diamond mines were found in the 4th century B.C. To the first attempt at artificially copying diamonds in a lab in 1879, we have come a long way with the final product that is being sold today. The first inventor to venture out in this field was James Ballantyne Hannay. He tried to synthesise a diamond by heating charcoal and iron in a carbon crucible.

It wasn’t until 1954 that General Electric-an American multinational conglomerate- became the first to create a commercially successful diamond. The diamonds synthesized were nowhere near the white and shimmery lab diamonds used in engagement rings. Rather they were yellowed, opaque, fairly small- quite undesirable appearance-wise. These lower-grade diamonds were used as commercial conductors like in-diamond saws, abrasive powders, lasers, x-ray machines, and audio speakers.

However, they finally managed to create Man-made Diamonds in 1970. General Electric, with its advanced diamond-technology, created the first gem-quality diamond in their lab. From then on, not just diamonds, but even clear, high-quality colored gems replaced natural stones in jewelry, proving to be equally if not more desirable. Pure Gems offers the best stones at minimum prices including- Top Grade Simulated Emerald Gemstones, affordable Lab-Grown Sapphire Rings, Red Ruby Gemstone, and our under $200 Pure Gems Engagement Ring Collections.

Affordable Engagement Rings

Why Choose a Cheap Engagement Ring?

Why go for a lab-made ring? Besides the obvious pocket-saving factor, there are a few more things to consider.

1. They are Sustainable and Environment-Friendly

There is no question that mining and extraction of the Earth to gain access to natural gems is very taxing for our planet and the ecosystem. All mining procedures cause a ton of pollution and affect the local communities at regional and global levels. It causes massive soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, damages water and soil quality with contaminants, etc.

Lab-Created Gemstones are an ecological and sustainable way of avoiding mining complications and damages. They do not involve invasive processes or disturb wildlife. They do not cause pollution or toxic leakages while using only a fraction of the money and resources compared to extracting natural gems.

2. A Cheap Engagement Ring is the Ethical Choice 

It is no secret that miners and the mining community as a whole have always been exploited. Unpaid labor or unfair wages are only one of the primary problems. More often than not, companies overseeing the operations skim over the safety precautions and proper working conditions mandated, leading to life-threatening accidents and long-term diseases, including fibrosis, silicosis, etc. Child labor is also common in these areas of work. Man-made gemstones avoid all of these morally questioning collaterals, guaranteeing only ethical and sustainable working conditions with no harm done to workers throughout the whole production.

Ethical Engagement Ring

3. An Affordable Engagement Ring is often Conflict-Free

Gemstones, more particularly diamonds, have been the cause of civil war and rebellions. The term “Blood Diamond” is associated with being a ‘conflicted gem.’ Conflict-free gemstones have not been involved in any way, shape or form in civil wars, rebel groups or terror gangs. They have passed specific certification approving them as conflict-free. 

Today, natural gems are mined out from the rocks in Africa, Brazil, Russia, and India, which are still very affected by “conflicts.” Moreover, the definition of ‘conflict’ does not include the environmental consequences and humanitarian aspects extradition courses have. All synthetic gemstones are conflict-free without any ethical issues and disputed property claims. 

4. Top-Quality Engagement Rings Cheap but Real

You must be wondering- top-quality and cheap do not go together, especially for engagement rings. They must have compromised quality or are not up to the mark in some way. This is not the case! Apart from being ethical, sustainable, and 100% conflict-free, these modernistic stones are comparable to natural stones in quality and properties. Even experts would have a hard time to differentiate between the two. Pure Gems includes these lab-created stones into their range of designs including engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. These Pure Gems are superior to natural gems on all the 4Cs- cut, clarity, color, and carat! Superior quality at an affordable and cheaper price- this is no dream. Solidify your love commitment therefore with a modern engagement ring from Pure Gems.

Inexpensive Engagement Ring

Inexpensive Engagement Rings at Pure Gems

Well, now that you know buying precious stones can be a reality and not some faraway fantasy, let’s talk business! Synthetic Technology is on the trend, and while it is much more affordable, it is still crucial to purchase your cheap engagement ring from a trusted seller. The guarantee in quality and product, the unique designs, and range can only be available at a certified and vetted dealer. Pure Gems offers this guarantee and an array of items crafted with the most excellent care and attention to detail. Find the one for you from their collection of unique, superior and affordable Inexpensive Engagement Rings. Pure Gems offers a select-range of inexpensive engagement rings using:


Lab-Grown Ruby


Lab-Grown Sapphire
Simulated Emerald
Blue Topaz Jewelry


Simulated Diamonds - Man Made Diamonds - Lab Grown Diamonds

25 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

At Pure Gems we offer both Real Lab-Grown Engagement Rings (Red Ruby and Blue Sapphire), Natural Mined Engagement Rings (Yellow Citrine and Blue Topaz) and Top Quality Simulated Engagement Rings (Pure Diamond and Green Emerald). In all of these categories you will find a  cheap engagement ring. You will find 25 affordable engagement rings under $500 - most are even under $200. 

10 Top Grade Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Simulated Diamonds are perfect for Engagement Rings- they are flawless, and without the imperfections caused by mining. Moreover, what makes our Simulated Diamonds a great buy is that they have VVS clarity. Simulated diamonds have the highest color rating 'D', which is colorless. This means that these gemstones are highly valuable and will make you shine even brighter. View our 10 Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings here.

4 Quality Simulated Emerald Engagement Rings  

Cheap Emerald Engagement Rings

Natural Emeralds are created from the mineral known as Beryl, which gives out green color. Emeralds are recognised for their rich deep green color. Pure Gems Emeralds promise to give you that mesmerising green touch with brilliance in every item we sell. This makes Pure Gems Emerald Jewelry all the more desiring.

If you fancy the charm of wearing a magnificent emerald ring but cannot bear to look at the price tags and have your dreams crushed, Pure Gem Simulated Emerald Ring come to the rescue. With our premium selection of superior quality simulated emeralds she can wear the green shining gem every day and be the queen she is, at costs that won’t tear a hole in your pocket! All simulated emerald simulants used by Pure Gems are high-quality, near-perfect glittering pieces of treasure. We provide the best AAA+ premium quality simulated emeralds from Russia. They have only slight inclusions from the manufacturing processes, unlike natural stones. View our 4 Simulated Emerald Engagement Rings here.

4 Lab-Grown Sapphire with Diamond Engagement Rings

Cheap Sapphire Engagement Rings

The name ‘Sapphire’ originates from the Latin word ‘sapphirus.’ the Greek word ‘sappheiros,’  and the Hebrew word ‘sappir.’ They all hold the same meaning- Blue. Sapphires have long been known for their unique blue color. Made mainly from Corundum, an aluminum oxide, the blue color comes from trace amounts of iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium. Sapphire jewels are renowned for their allure and have always been an item for wealthy folks. Often related to beauty and royalty, they are rare gems that can now be worn by you, too, thanks to our Lab-Grown Sapphire Rings and other pieces, all under $200. Indeed, how the times have changed! View our 4 Real Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Rings here.

4 Real Lab Grown Red Ruby Engagement Rings

Cheap Ruby Rings

Ruby is chemically the same as Sapphire- the only and major difference being its color. Pure Gems offer some of the best Ruby Jewelry on the market at affordable prices. They use grown, real rubies that deliver the best value and quality. Even though they are available at nominal rates, we do not compromise on the brilliance and elegance of our varieties. Only after standard certification and careful inspection do we choose our gems to live up to all of your expectations. View our 4 Real Lab Grown Red Ruby Engagement Rings here.

3 Light Blue Natural Topaz Engagement Rings

Cheap Topaz Rings

Our Topaz Rings are made with Natural Sky Blue Topaz Gemstones elegantly molded into 92.5% Sterling Silver Ring Bands. Each Topaz Ring holds a high-quality Topaz Gemstone from the mines of Vermelho and Capao in Brazil. They have high clarity and original make, so each Topaz Ring is one of a kind. Our Topaz Rings are also paired-up with our Simulated Diamonds and Real Blue Sapphires for extra oomph. Designed with elegance, these rings will add to the wearer’s radiance and make your loved ones feel special. These rings are chic, elegant, effortless, and, the best part, affordable. View our 3 Light Blue Topaz Engagement Rings here.

Compare all our Affordable Engagement Rings under $200

If you don't yet know which gemstone or diamond type you'd like to choose for the engagement ring, just have a look at each Cheap Engagement Ring we offer. You can view each affordable engagement ring in our 360-degree view and inspect it all around. When ordering your inexpensive engagement ring at Pure Gems you benefit from Free Worldwide Shipping, 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee, 365 Days Per Year Customer Service and 100% Conflict-Free Gems. Visit our Affordable Engagement Ring collection and Shop Now

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