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Topaz Rings and Topaz Jewelry with Blue Gems for Women

Topaz Jewelry offered by Pure Gems is made with Natural Real Topaz. All our Topaz Gemstones come from Brazil, the biggest global supplier for Natural Topaz. Their unique Sky Blue color and clarity make them an extraordinary Gem to possess and wear. We only offer high quality Topaz Gemstones with VVS clarity. Our Topaz Jewelry is suitable for every woman who loves light blue Gemstones and is looking for that special Topaz ring, Topaz necklace or Topaz earrings. Our Topaz Jewelry Collection consists of exclusive designs, making every jewelry piece unique. 

Topaz Necklace with Blue Gemstone

Topaz Light Blue Color Creation

Most Natural Mined Topaz have a white, transparent or very light blue color. A deep blue Natural Mined Topaz is very rare in nature. To make Blue Topaz Gemstones and Blue Topaz Jewelry more available and affordable, the gemstones go through a process of irradiation to enhance their natural light blue color. Almost all of Topaz Gemstones offered worldwide have been treated in some way to enhance their color and beauty. Most common and used processes to strengthen and preserve the blue color of Topaz is irradiation and heat. Irradiation transforms the color from almost transparent or very light blue to Sky Blue. Heat is used to stabilize its Sky Blue color. After an extended period of cooling all irradiation is decayed, making the Topaz Gemstones ready and safe to be crafted into stunning jewelry.

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Buy Topaz Rings | Light Blue Topaz Gemstone Rings

All our Topaz Rings offered by Pure Gems have Natural Sky Blue Topaz Gemstones uniquely crafted into 92.5% Sterling Silver Ring Bands. Each Topaz Ring holds a high quality Topaz Gemstone from Brazil. The Sky Blue Color and its high clarity make each Topaz Ring exclusive. We offer unique Topaz Ring Designs, that will make you feel very special when wearing. Our designs are chic, elegant and effortless. Our Topaz Rings hold not only a Topaz Gemstone, but come with Simulated Diamonds and Real Blue Sapphires to enhance its sparkle even more. Topaz Rings are suitable for every occasion, as a gift for your loved one or your girlfriend, and even suitable as Topaz engagement ring for a unique proposal.

Topaz Necklaces | Light Blue Topaz Gemstone Pendants

Blue Topaz Necklace with Blue Gemstone

All our Topaz Necklaces offered by Pure Gems hold a Natural Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone paired with a fine 92.5% Sterling Silver Chain. Our Topaz Pendants each carry a Real, Sky Blue Topaz from Brazil with VVS clarity. We only selected Topaz Gemstones with high quality, brilliant color, excellent cut and clarity. If you are looking for a special gift or uniquely designed necklace for yourself or your loved one, check out our Limited Topaz Necklace Collection. Each design is exclusive and suitable for all women to wear. Topaz Necklaces are great for any festivity and to accessorize your outfit. We guarantee that you will shine with our Topaz Necklaces. 

Topaz Earrings | Light Blue Topaz Gemstone Earrings & Stud Earrings

All our Topaz Earrings offered by Pure Gems hold a Natural Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone crafted into 92.5% Sterling Silver. Our Exclusive Topaz Earrings Collection was designed with you in mind. Each Topaz Gemstone is uniquely crafted into a pair of earrings, radiating elegance, charm and luxury. We offer a limited Topaz Earrings Collection of drop and dangle earrings, as well as studs. Our Topaz Earrings can easily be paired with one of our Topaz Rings or Topaz Necklaces. Topaz Earrings are a great way to elevate your outfit from day to night. Their light blue color and clarity will illuminate your face immediately and add that extra shine to your face.

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Topaz Gemstone Information

Topaz Qualities & Associations

Topaz gemstones are closely associated with beauty, and they are loved for the sparkling colors that they radiate. From the past several decades, they have been a precious substance of admiration for women. Topaz is also associated with friendship, faithfulness, commitment and devotion. People consider them best gifts for special occasions in life such as anniversary and birthdays. However, Topaz is also mistaken with Citrine gemstone; layman even find it difficult to differentiate between them.

Topaz Sources and Availability 

Topaz are currently available in several colours and each one of them has unique meaning in the astrological science. They are primarily produced in California; however, can be found at some other locations of Australia, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Japan and Russia as well. The imperial topaz is available from the mines of Vermelho and Capao; they are situated in Brazil. From ancient times, Egyptians used to say that these stones obtain their specific colors from sun rays. Some of the most common colors available for Topaz stones are yellow, blue and white. White Topaz is preferred to prepare most of the jewelry items because they are easier to modify by using some artificial techniques. It is possible to enhance their color, texture and quality as well.

Sky Blue Topaz Blue Gemstone

Topaz Gemmology Info

Natural Topaz grows as a crystal mineral in various rocks, such as rhyolite, granite or pegmatite. It also grows in lava flows or in the late stages of a magma cooling. Topaz is allochromatic material; which means that they have specific colors due to the impurity elements present in their crystal structure. Or we can say that the color of these gemstones is not due to their basic chemical composition rather due to structural defects. However, these imperfections make these stones one of the most

precious solutions for designing high-quality jewelry items. On the Moh’s scale of hardness, these gemstones obtain the rating of 8 out of 10. You can find them with variable hues such as swiss blue, sky blue and London Blue topaz. The level of color is usually determined by level of chromium and iron present in the stone. You can buy blue topaz in many beautiful designs. Scroll up to shop our beautiful designs of Topaz Jewelry such as Topaz Rings, Earrings and Necklaces.