Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Ring: Everything You Must Know

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

The Sapphire and Diamond Ring range by Pure Gems is our latest collection of beautiful gemstone jewelry. The blue sapphire ring is synonymous with nobility, love and faithfulness. One of the most famous engagement rings of all time is the blue sapphire ring that belonged to Princess Diana before her son gifted it to the Duchess of Cambridge as their engagement ring. Sapphire rings are the perfect choice for any Virgo who wants to incorporate their birthstone into their jewellery collection. No gemstone is as associated with royalty than the blue sapphire, both amongst contemporary and historical royals. We’ve brought together everything that you need to know about blue sapphire engagement rings, and how the style has become a timeless piece of artisanship. 

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring History

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring History

The Sapphire and diamond ring first became popular in the 13th century, when it was believed that a sapphire would fade if worn by an impure person. During the Persian Empire, the sky was believed to be the reflection of sapphires. This style of ring first made its appearance in modern royal jewellery during the 14th and 15th century, when the sapphire would be placed on a gold band and inscribed with initials. The use of sapphires dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the stone was worn by the nobility as a protective jewel, and the blue sapphire dates as far back as 800BC. The first ‘engagement’ style rings were exchanged by the Romans as a sign of the groom's honourable intentions. Sapphires were seen as a symbol of romantic commitment and love, acting almost as an engagement ring long before the tradition began.

The idea of a blue sapphire ring as the perfect engagement ring was cemented by the 18th-century story ‘Le Sapphire Marveillance’ by Madame de Jenlis. The story was inspired by a colour changing sapphire and presented the idea of the sapphire and diamond ring as the ultimate piece of jewellery to give to your fiancee. This story would result in the increasing demand for blue sapphire engagement rings during the Victoria and Edwardian periods when the style transitioned from gold bands through to platinum settings. During this time, you were far more likely to receive a sapphire ring than a diamond ring as the demand for diamonds were lower as the sapphire was viewed as a more precious gem. 

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

The modern style of the blue sapphire ring first began to appear during the Art Deco period of the 1920s, with sapphires acting both as a centre stone and accent stone on engagement rings. The geometric style of engagement rings first appeared, with a focus on the colour of the sapphire above all else. For antique engagement rings, the Art Deco designs are the most popular for this searching for a heritage piece and a piece of history to add to their jewellery collection. One of the most famous sapphires in the world is the ‘Star of India’, a 563-carat sapphire housed at the Museum of Natural History in New York. It is a flawless sapphire from Sri Lanka and is one of the largest gems in the world and is about the size of a golf ball. The sapphire is popular for its colour changing chameleon ability, as the colour reflects light and can shift depending on the environment. 

While sapphires appear in a rainbow of colours, most commonly pink, the blue sapphire ring has the richest history and the colour is the one most associated with the gemstone. Non-blue sapphires are referred to as ‘fancies’. The word ‘sapphire’ derives from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ which ‘lapis lazuli’ or a deep blue stone. The blue sapphire is the birthstone for Virgo and September, making it an excellent choice of gemstone for anyone who wants to give an astrological nod to their birthday. 

The Most Iconic Real Sapphire Rings

As a blue sapphire ring represents love and fidelity, it has been a popular choice for modern engagement rings since the 1920s. One of the most famous rings in the world was given to Lady Diana by Prince Charles as her engagement ring in 1981. Her ring was created by the crown jewellery Garrard with a show-stopping 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds. The iconic engagement ring was inspired by a brooch gifted to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert for their wedding in 1840. The sapphire and diamond ring is one of the most recognisable royal jewels in the world. What made this ring so unique was that at the time the ring was readily available in Garrard’s catalogue, allowing women everywhere to have a piece of the royal fairytale.

Real Sapphire Ring

After Diana’s death, the engagement ring was given to Prince William who used it to propose to Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has had several matching jewellery pieces commissioned for the royal collection, including earrings and a necklace in the same sapphire and diamond silhouette. The ‘Kate effect’ has led to an increasing demand for blue sapphire engagement rings. In Leslie Field’s book ‘Queen’s Jewels: The Personal Collection of Elizabeth II’, she described sapphires as being the stones of Kings, and its use in royal clothing and jewellery dates back centuries to the Middle Ages. It is perhaps why the deep sapphire tones are referred to as ‘royal blue’. For the woman who wants a ring with a royal seal of approval, our Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring is inspired by this timeless royal jewel.  

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - Inspired by Rings of Princess Kate and Princess Diana

Blue sapphire engagement rings have a rich heritage throughout European history. Napoléon gave his wife Joséphine an unusual engagement ring for the nineteenth-century. The ring featured a pear-shaped diamond and sapphire facing opposite directions, each weighing approximately one carat on a simple gold band. This sapphire and diamond ring was described as the ‘you and me’ ring, with a gem to represent both Napoléon and Joséphine. This iconic piece of history was passed down through the Bonaparte family until it was put up for auction in 2013 and fetched almost $1 million at auction in 2013. Due to their beautiful blue colour, precious substance and glamorous history, blue sapphire engagement rings are the perfect proposal ring for those who want to make it a very unique occasion. 

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring for a Unique Proposal

There are few legends as well known for their jewellery collections as Old Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor. Amongst her world-renowned collection of jewels was a sapphire and diamond ring that Michael Wilding, her second husband, proposed to her with. Elizabeth Taylor is largely accredited with influencing the popularity of sapphire rings in the 1950s with her doom cabochon sapphire ring. For anyone who wants to add a little Elizabeth Taylor glamour to their jewellery collection, the ‘natural topaz ring’ features all the hallmarks of Ms Taylor’s most recognisable jewels.

Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring Trends

While the sapphire and diamond ring has been in vogue for the last two hundred years, it was the engagement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2010 that gave the trends its resurgence for the modern era. One of the most popular trends for a blue sapphire ring is to surround the sapphire with diamonds, similar to Princess Diana’s ring, for a classic and timeless look. Much like diamonds, there isn’t one traditional cut for blue sapphire engagement rings, and the options differ from cushion cuts through to more unique settings such as our Princess cut ‘sapphire ring with white gems’. 

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Due to their long heritage, modern sapphire rings are often inspired by vintage pieces. Penelope Cruz’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring from Javier Bardem featured a 3-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by a floral diamond halo. This antique-inspired ring takes the hallmark silhouette of Princess Diana’s ring and features the popular Edwardian floral motif. A blue sapphire ring is a traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift as it represents longevity and loyalty, and a sapphire jubilee occurs after 65 years with Queen Elizabeth II most recently celebrating her sapphire jubilee in 2017. 

Sapphire Jubilee - Real Sapphire Ring Gift Ideas

Another celebrity with a stunning blue sapphire ring is the actress Elizabeth Hurley, who received a diamond and sapphire engagement ring from her cricketer husband Shane Warne which featured a 9-carat emerald-cut sapphire and two 2 carats trillion cut diamonds. For fans of this Elizabeth Taylor worthy design, our Emerald Cut Blue Topaz ring features the same cut as Hurley’s engagement ring which incorporating a topaz along with the sapphires.

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Ring

For the minimalist who likes to keep their jewellery simple and timeless, we offer the Sapphire band Ring which is an ideal ring to commemorate a special occasion, birthday or graduation. It can also be used as a simplistic diamond and sapphire engagement ring if you would rather have something more effortless chic look.

Sapphire band Ring

If you’re a Virgo and want to have a ring that focuses on sapphires instead of other gemstones, then our ‘real sapphire and spinels ring’ is a perfect choice. This statement ring features a 2-carat blue sapphire surrounded by a square of blue spinel, drawing the eye directly to the sapphire and allows you to wear your favourite colour in a statement piece of jewellery.

Lab Created Sapphire Ring Specifications

A blue sapphire ring is a corundum, which is an aluminium oxide that has a trigonal crystal structure. The blue sapphire is created similarly to the red ruby, with the only difference being their colour. The sapphire gemstone is almost as hard as a diamond, coming in at a 9 on the Mohs Scale while a diamond sits at 10, making it ideal for a piece of jewellery that is intended to be worn every day as it is the third hardest mineral. The pureness of the blue in the sapphire is determined by the quantity of iron and titanium in the gemstone, and unlike diamonds, sapphires feature inclusions which add to the character of the gemstone. Unlike natural sapphires, lab-grown sapphires can be treated to give the deepest blue finish every time. The ‘cornflower blue’ shade of sapphire is considered to be the most desirable and is the same shade of sapphire used in Princess Diana’s ring. There is also the Blue Sapphire with Blue Spinels Ring.

Blue Sapphire Ring

At Pure Gems, we have a curated collection of lab-grown sapphires that are created in Switzerland using the highest quality real AAA+ top grade gemstones. A lab-created sapphire ring gives the appearance of a natural blue sapphire ring at a fraction of the price. Unlike natural sapphires, our lab-grown sapphires are 100% conflict-free and sustainable. While natural sapphires have flaws and impurities, the Pure Gems sapphires are crafted to excel in all four Cs - carat, clarity, colour and cut. Our lab-grown sapphires are created using the same flame fusion method that has been used for over 100 years and that simulated the conditions for how natural sapphires are formed. If you want the purest blue colour then lab-grown sapphires are an ideal choice. While sapphires can be cut into any shape, the oval, round cushion and emerald cuts are the most traditional choices for diamond and a sapphire diamond engagement ring. 

Real Blue Sapphire Color, Clarity and Cut

Sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones in the world, with a rich cultural heritage that bridges between royalty and celebrity stars over the last two hundred years. No other gemstone has the popularity and history of the blue sapphire. For the couple that wants an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd and a piece with an unrivalled royal heritage, then the blue sapphire ring is the ultimate choice. Blue sapphire engagement rings are extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned either by hand with soap water or using an ultrasonic cleaner. At Pure Gems, our sapphire rings allow you to get the appearance of a natural sapphire at the fraction of the price, while also being a conflict-free and sustainable jewellery piece. As a symbol of love, a blue sapphire ring is a perfect present to give to celebrate a momentous occasion such as an engagement, a new job, graduation, a holiday or a birthday. 

At Pure Gems, we have an extensive collection of Blue Sapphire Jewellery that you can pair to match your new sustainable sapphire and diamond ring. We aim to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. If you have any questions you can contact us 7 days per week though our blue chat button. When you order now, you will receive Free Worldwide Shipping. We also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. To shop for a Sapphire and Diamond Ring or different Gemstone Jewellery Online, click the image below!

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