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Gemstone Earrings for Women and Girls with Top Quality Gems

Buy Earrings for Women and Girls with Gems

Gemstone Earrings for women and girls you buy at Pure Gems if you are looking for earrings of the highest quality. Earrings with Gems, also called Gemstone Earrings are loved by millions of women around the world for a good reason. They sparkle beautifully into each direction by the light reflection from each facet of the colorful gemstones. Gemstone Earrings display a great level of elegance and make you feel like a true lady. We sell gemstone earrings with gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearls and diamonds. We also sell studs and earrings with other gems like citrine and blue topaz, which are natural stones. Undoubtedly you have seen royalty and celebrities wear precious gem earrings. The good news is that you can now match their luxurious appearance thanks to our affordable collection.

You don't have to be very wealthy to be able to purchase our beautiful gemstone earrings, yet will benefit from the high quality craftsmanship, pure clarity, intense color, master cut and royal carat of the gemstone earrings. One more thing that is special is that all our gemstone earrings are conflict-free and free from forced labor or child labor so that you can proudly and without guilt present your new Pure Gems.

Real Pearl Earrings for Women and Girls

Buy gemstone earrings or stone earrings for women

Gemstone earrings are also called gem earrings or stone earrings. Some people also know them as birthstone earrings. They are all affordable gemstone earrings for women. Our splendorous gemstone earring design collection includes Real Ruby earrings, Real Sapphire earrings and Real Pearl earrings. Additionally we offer Natural Topaz earrings and Natural Citrine earrings, as well as high quality Simulated Emerald earrings. The colors of these stunning high quality gemstones are deep red, ocean blue, vivid green, sky blue, pure white and golden yellow. Below you find some of our vivid green emerald earrings in cushion cut with a halo of top quality simulated brilliants. 

Earrings for Women or Girls with Top Grade Emerald Gems

The gemstone earrings come in different shapes such as oval cut gemstone earrings, banquette cut gemstone earrings, round brilliant cut gemstone earrings, princes cut gemstone earrings, drop or pear shape gemstone earrings and other special designs such as gemstone studs or stud earrings. Most of our gemstone earring designs have beautiful high quality Simulated Diamonds as part of their royal design and are all set in sterling silver. Do not wait any longer, scroll through our unique collection and pick your favorite design of gemstone earrings because you are worth the best. You might also find matching Gemstone Rings or matching Gemstone Necklaces

Buy gems Earrings for Girls and Women as a gift

Earrings with gems, pearls and diamond are a thoughtful gift for women and girls, and like we have said, giving someone these elegant gemstones is considered a very grand gesture. One can make the gift extra special and meaningful by presenting it on milestone birthdays like 16, 18, or 21 years. You can also give it to someone when they graduate in order to symbolise the acquisition of wisdom and a new beginning.

Earrings for Girls and Women with Yellow Citrine Gems

Men looking for the best gift to give to their partners need to know that a pair of real pearl earrings are the ideal romantic gift. With these, you can commemorate important events in your relationship like your first date, your anniversary, or your engagement. Pearls represent eternal love and undying loyalty. That is one of the significant reasons why pearls are so popular in bridal jewelry. Keep this fact in mind the next time you go jewelry shopping for your partner.

Another occasion that makes ladies earrings a very special gift is special holidays like Mother’s Day. Women’s love for gemstone and pearl earrings as well as diamond earrings is as old as civilization itself, and we can assure you that your mother or other loved one will be more than happy to receive them as a gift. There’s a great chance that this gift is going to be treasured and worn by many members of the family for generations to come.

Heart Earrings for Girls and Women as Gift with Real Red Ruby

Birthstone Earrings: Studs and Earrings with birthstones

When it comes to accessories, the Birthstone Earrings are great because they tend to have some really interesting stones. You have access to a wide range of different models and quality options, so there’s always something to check out. These are perfectly suitable as well as gifts for women and girls or to buy yourself if you are a lady that cares about the elegant style. And the best part about birthstone jewellery is that you can feel free to choose from a plethora of options. There are no restrictions and you can easily find the one you like the most without any worries.

November birthstone earrings with Real sky blue topaz

One of the best things about acquiring birthstone jewelry is that this helps complement your style and your ideas. All the birthstones you can find on Pure Gems are offering you special features and tremendous quality you just can’t find anywhere else. The attention to detail is staggering, so you will look amazing while also being able to cherish your life and those great moments all the time. If you really want to look great, or if you're looking for a unique and personal gift, birthstone jewelry might come in handy. Shop Birthstone Jewelry.

Pearl Earrings and Pearl Studs for Girls and Women

The pearls we have in our pearl earrings are 100% genuine. Pure Gems makes all its pearl jewelry with high-quality real pearls. Nearly all of the pearls sold in the world are real cultured freshwater pearls from Asia, and so are the pearls that we offer at Pure Gems. These freshwater pearls are formed within the shells of mussels, and they take quite a lot of time to compose completely.

Pearl Earrings for Women with real pearl studs

The pearl culturing process starts when one inserts a piece of mantle tissue from the inside of a donor mussel into a harvesting mussel. This piece causes irritation within the mussel. The organism responds by slowly surrounding it with nacre (also called the mother of pearl). It can take anywhere from several months to a few years for high-quality pearls to form. During this whole process, mussels are protected in underwater pearl farms made in freshwater lakes. The process comes to an end when the mussels form the pearl with its nacre.

These pearls are then harvested by hand and sorted based on their size, shape, quality, luster, and color. Like we've already told you in a previous section, 95% of these pearls are not entirely round. In fact, a vast majority of these pearls are oval and button-shaped; thus, the pearls we offer are the same. All visitors should know that we select our pearls based on their quality and luster, and only the best ones make it to our finished products. By choosing pure gems, you will be choosing women’s pearl earrings of the highest quality. 

Earrings with Diamond and Gems Jewelry Cleaning

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning


 Jewerlry pieces such as earrings and studs for women require regular cleaning, especially jewelry with diamonds and gems. When you have these or are considering to buy them, it doesn't hurt to spend a moment thinking about diamond cleaning and gemstone cleaning. This is the required maintenance and care to keep their shine and sparkle alive over the years. Diamond and gemstone jewelry needs to be cleaned and kept in top condition in order to maintain its sparkle and beauty. 

The two professional methods for cleaning diamond and gemstone jewelry are steam and ultrasonic cleaning. These are professional diamond cleaning methods that ensure the gems retain their sparkle for a long time to come. 

Diamond Earrings with Simulated Diamonds for women and girls

  • Steaming is a popular method for removing dirt, oils, and debris that may have accumulated from wearing simulated diamond rings on a regular basis. It is particularly effective in cleaning diamond jewels with difficult-to-clean areas. It is best to patronize a professional for this method since some gems are more delicate and prone to scratches if not handled with the utmost care.
  • Ultrasonic machines use water and ultrasonic waves to penetrate the ring, making sure every crevice and hard-to-reach areas are properly cleaned. Some jewelry stores offer in-store ultrasonic cleaning services for customers.

Diamond Ring Cleaning

Diamond Jewelry Cleaning you can do at home

There are also less difficult methods for cleaning gemstone and diamond jewelry at home. With the methods below you can do it yourself for different jewelry types like rings, earrings and pendants.

  • Use liquid soap and warm water. Lather the jewel with soap and warm water, then use your fingers or a clean, soft cloth to clean the ring for about one minute. Next, rinse thoroughly with clean water until all the soap is washed off without any trace of soap residue. Otherwise the residual soaps, when not removed, can form a film on your gem, thereby reducing its sparkle and shine.

Diamond Earrings for Women and Girls

  • Other options include the use of polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner. Polishing cloths are typically produced from soft cotton materials. They are gentle on gems, leaving no scratches or abrasion. Jewelry cleaners for diamonds and gems are sold online or in some jewelry stores. Some of the cleaners are designed with brushes that can dig into hidden corners, while others come with clothes or wipes. It is important to check the label of the cleaner to see if it is compatible with your gemstone before buying. This is because some jewelry cleaners are not suitable for every diamond and gemstone type.

Visit our Real Gemstone Jewelry page to add a beautiful clean piece to your collection! We offer fine Rings, Earrings and Necklaces with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Topaz and more. Shop Now for the best prices, Free Worldwide Shipping and a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Jewels

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