Collection: Citrine Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklace with Yellow Citrine

Yellow Gemstone Citrine Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces

Citrine Jewelry is Gemstone Jewelry which the yellow gemstone called Citrine. This includes citrine rings, citrine earring and citrine necklaces all with a wonderful yellow gemstone. All Citrine Gemstone Jewelry offered by Pure Gems are Real and Natural Yellow Citrine Gemstones. All of our Citrine Gemstones originate from Brazil. Natural Citrine is very rare in nature. Therefore Citrine is used to make exclusive jewelry. Most Citrine Gemstone Jewelry offered worldwide are not real natural Citrines or have gone under a process of coloration. We can assure you that our Citrine Gemstones have not been treated in any way. Our Citrine Gemstones are in their original state, radiating beautifully in the light with their natural yellow-golden color. Our Citrine Gemstones are of superior quality, color, cut and clarity. If you want to know more about our Citrine Gemstones, visit our Citrine Gemstone Info. 

Yellow Gemstone or Citrine Ring

Yellow Gemstone Ring or Citrine Ring

Each Citrine Ring offered by Pure Gems holds a Real, Natural Citrine Gemstone from Brazil. The Citrine Gemstone is beautifully crafted into a fine 92.5% Sterling Silver band. Its Natural Yellow Golden Color make our Citrine Rings very exclusive. The Citrine Gemstones sparkle and shine greatly in the light, captivating  each viewer with their beauty. Citrine Rings are a great gift for your loved one, girlfriend or yourself. They will immediately take your look to another level. You will sparkle with our Citrine Rings and radiate confidence, royalty and elegance wherever you go.

Citrine Gemstone Information

Citrine is a gemstone. It’s a clear, yellow variety of Quartz. Its color shade varies from a golden yellow to honey or almost brownish shine. Citrine qualifies as one of the many valuable gems in the entire world. Citrine is used to make various kinds of jewelry like Citrine necklaces, and Citrine earrings.

This gemstone varies from transparent to translucent meaning it can be found crystal clear or slightly hazy. In its natural state Citrine is very cloudy or hazy.  Citrine is a very affordable gemstone. It is usually found in Brazil, but you can still find Citrine in other areas. Due to its similarity to Topaz it is sometimes used to con people by selling them Citrine instead of Topaz.

Citrine Name & and History

It was named after the French word “citron” which means a similar fruit to lemon, which is basically what Citrine looks like. Citrine was very firstly recognized in Greece in between early 300 to 150 BC. The yellow gemstone was first used in making of some tools or in decoration of jewelry by putting it in pendants.

Yellow Citrine Necklaces

Yellow Gemstone or Citrine Necklace

Every Citrine Necklace offered by Pure Gems holds a Real, Natural Citrine Gemstone from Brazil. All our Citrine Gemstones have not been treated, but are in their Natural state. Each Citrine Gemstone is uniquely crafted into a Fine 92.5% Sterling Silver Pendant and a Sterling Silver Chain. Our Citrine Necklace Collection is limited and exclusive. We designed this collection with you in mind, wanting to offer chic, elegant and effortless Citrine Jewelry worldwide. If you love Yellow Golden Colours, you will love our Citrine Necklaces.

Yellow Citrine Color

Citrine owes its alluring color to the iron impurities inside it. It’s the presence of iron impurities that makes the color pop in the yellow gemstone. Citrine comes second in the most popular Quartz gemstones. The most important gemstone is Amethyst. Citrine is usually produced from Amethysts or Smoky Quartz.

Durability of Citrine

Citrine is a very tough gemstone. It has the hardness of 7 Mohs on the hardness scale. It’s really brittle and hard to break. But it can be broken by harsh hits. Citrine, like any other Quartz gemstone, should be kept away from direct sunlight. The direct contact from sunlight fades the color of Citrine.

Yellow Citrine Earrings

Yellow Gemstone or Citrine Earrings

All Citrine Earrings offered by Pure Gems hold Real and Natural Citrine Gemstones that are uniquely crafted into a fine 92.5% Sterling Silver Stud or Earring. Our Citrine Earrings display elegance and charm with their gorgeous yellow-golden color. They radiate warmth and illuminate your face immediately wherever you go. If you are looking for that special glow, we have found the right set of earrings for you. Our Citrine Earrings Collection is very exclusive and made just for you. 

Citrine Imitations

Citrine made by heat treated Amethyst is mostly found in the markets. Citrine can possibly be made by heat treating certain Smoky Quartz from different vicinities. Though Smoky Quartz can make Citrine, the quality of that Citrine will not be very good. Rather, the quality would be sub-par, and you definitely wouldn’t want to invest in a jewelry item with this material afterward. Often, Citrine is produced by heat-treating Amethyst, a purple Quartz gemstone. However, a heat-treated Amethyst that is turned into Citrine will have lines on its surface rather than having its cloudy or hazy formation. 

Natural Citrine

Citrine is found in very large pieces in rugged/non-polished form. Natural Citrine is very rare to found. The majority of Citrine comes from Brazil. Almost all of the citrine production in Brazil is in its state Rio Grande do Sul. Natural Citrine can also be found in countries like Russia, Madagascar, France and also Dauphine. You should definitely consider investing in Citrine Jewelry, for it is both affordable, and looks very attractive. The chemical formula of Citrine is SiO2. In simple words, it is Silicon Dioxide. Most of the times, it’s found in Amethyst deposits and in this case the Amethysts are naturally converted halfway or fully into Citrine by the natural heat around it. Scroll up to shop citrine jewelry such as citrine rings, citrine earrings and citrine necklaces.