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Jewelry with Rubies: Ruby Rings, Earrings & Necklaces for Women

Jewelry with Rubies contains beautiful red Ruby Gemstones. You can Buy Ruby Rings, Earrings and Necklaces or just any Ruby Jewelry to make yourself or your partner happy with a gift. Red Ruby Jewelry symbolizes love and passion, as well as friendship and royalty. Ruby Jewelry has been highly wanted by women for thousands of years. We offer beautiful Ruby Rings in different cuts and shapes, several designs of Ruby Earrings, and a number of stunning Ruby Pendants or Ruby Necklaces. We have a variety of red ruby jewelry to ensure that you will be able to find a piece of red ruby gemstone jewelry that you like.

Heart Shaped Ruby Ring

All Ruby Jewelry in this collection is made with Real Ruby. These beautiful red Rubies are 100% genuine grown Real Ruby of Very High Quality. All Ruby Jewellery by Pure Gems contain these grown Real Rubies. Our Rubies are of superior quality and optical beauty with excellent Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Ruby Jewelry by Pure Gems is beside it's superior quality also much more affordable than natural Ruby jewelry and is 100% conflict-free.

Jewelry with Rubies | Real Ruby Rings, Earrings & Necklaces

Top Grade Red Ruby Gemstones 

The Rubies in the Ruby Jewelry offered by Pure Gems are Real Rubies. They are identical to natural Rubies found in nature. Both consist of a crystalized form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) that was formed under huge pressure and 2000 °C heat. The Rubies we offer are the Highest Quality Rubies because they were formed in a controlled environment. For this reason they have the perfect ratio of elements and have no impurities. The Grown Rubies you find in our Ruby Jewelry therefore have the highest possible clarity, the best color and great cut and carat at an amazing price point between €100 and €250 instead of the approximately €10.000 you would pay for a natural Ruby with the same colour, cut, clarity and carat. 

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Natural Ruby vs Grown Ruby

There are two types of Real Rubies; natural Ruby and grown Ruby. Grown Ruby is chemically identical to natural Ruby mined from rock. Both are 100% real Ruby consisting of the same material. We only use Grown Rubies. These real grown Rubies are deep red Rubies of Top Quality. The Rubies are conflict-free and free from impurities. Grown Rubies are also not enhanced or colour treated.

Natural Ruby is mined in countries like Afghanistan, Burma, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka. This mining process often involves conflict, forced labor and even child labor. We do not use these natural Rubies since we only offer Pure Gems. Top quality natural Rubies are also very expensive costing up to €10.000 per carat and more. Almost all natural Rubies have impurities, lack of clarity and faded colour. This is another reason why we do not use any natural Rubies.

Grown Ruby Gemstone Info

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Ruby is actually the same gemstone as Sapphire; the only difference being its colour. The name Ruby simply comes from the Latin word ruber meaning: red. Ruby mainly consist of Corundum. The element Corundum is aluminium oxide (Al2O3) in crystallized form. The red color of Ruby comes from the element chromium when it is combined with aluminium oxide.

Ruby is grown using the flame fusion method invented by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil in 1903. The process simulates how Ruby is created in nature. The creation of gemstones such as Rubies requires extreme heat being applied to the right mix of chemical elements. The method requires a 100% pure powder form of the elements alumina mixed with chromium. For Ruby to be created the elements need to be heated at a temperature of at least 2000 °C in a highly specialized oven.

The heating of the elements happens using a complex method involving combustion (explosion) until the elements are melted. The melted elements leave the oven in small drops which become hard and together form the crystallized gemstone. This is how Real Pure Ruby of High Quality is created. Finally the Ruby is being cut into Ruby Gemstones. Due to its Purity these Rubies have excellent clarity. They exhibit the best deep red colour due to the perfect mix of elements used. The Rubies are crafted into excellent gemstone cuts by gemstone experts before they are finally set into our Ruby Jewellery.

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We offer some of the best Ruby Jewelry on the market and we are using grown, real rubies that deliver the best value and quality. When you buy ruby necklaces, ruby earrings or ruby rings, you want them to look amazing and offer you the best quality. And that’s what you are getting on the Pure Gems online store. We place a lot of focus on delivering the utmost experience to every client, while keeping the costs as affordable as possible. Nothing is more important than offering the right results, and with our help you get to have that.

Mined Ruby and Grown Ruby gemstones both look the same and are identical, the only difference comes from the medium where they were found or created. The grown Ruby Jewelry is created; it will take some time for the gem to form but it will look amazing. On top of that, the grown Ruby Jewelry is identical to the regular ruby, especially when it comes to clarity. The durability is a bit lower, due to the fact that it wasn’t exposed to the elements like the mined ruby was.

A natural ruby comes from the mines, where it will be mined and acquired by miners. It’s very similar to the grown Ruby Jewelry, but it’s actually real and you will find it extremely interesting and visually distinctive to say the least. At the same time, with the grown option you still get the great quality you would expect without having to worry about any issues or challenges. It really is the best of both worlds, that's why we offer grown ruby necklaces, ruby earrings and ruby rings.

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Because it’s created, you get to eliminate all impurities and that makes it a lot more appealing and visually stunning. The ruby earrings and ruby rings created in a lab look stunning but they are paid way less while also delivering an amazing set of results for every customer. We are offering outstanding grown ruby jewelry and you will be impressed with the efficiency and quality being brought to the table. Our primary focus is to offer customers the best results and a really good experience, something that will help push things to the next level.

Whether you want ruby earrings, ruby rings or even ruby necklaces, we are here to help. We are bringing you top of the line jewelry at the most affordable prices, and all you have to do is to give it a try. It really delivers on the promise of a great experience, and all you need is to give it a try. The 100% grown Ruby Jewelry at the Pure Gems online store is very durable and it will give you a great value for money. It’s affordable and impressive, exactly the way you want it. Scroll up to shop for beautiful red Ruby gemstone rings, earrings and necklaces for ladies!