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All Sapphires used by Pure Gems are Real lab-grown Sapphires. All Blue Sapphires used in our Sapphire Jewelry are Real Sapphires from Switzerland. They are Very High Quality Gemstones with the beautiful deep blue Sapphire color, the perfect gemstone cut shapes, an amazing high level of clarity and royal carat weight up to several whole carats per gemstone. We offer these Real Sapphires in our Sapphire Jewelry at a fraction of the price of natural Sapphires. At Pure Gems you can buy Sapphire Jewelry for under €200. Shop now for Sapphire Jewelry.

Buy Sapphire Jewelry for Women if you love the beautiful deep blue royal color of Sapphire. Sapphire Jewelry is perfect to buy for yourself if you are a woman yourself, or if you want to buy Sapphire Jewelry as a gift for a woman. Sapphires are among the four most popular gemstones in the world for a good reason, they are gorgeous. Royalty such as queens and princesses have always loved wearing Sapphire Gemstones. Take for example Princess Diana, her Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring became known all over the world for it's beauty and a similar ring was worn decades later by Princess Kate.

In days past only the most wealthy could afford Gemstone Jewelry like Sapphire Jewelry, since the supply of quality sapphires is very limited in nature. Therefore the price of a natural sapphire can easily reach €10.000 for a natural sapphire greater than one carat with high quality color, clarity and cut shape. Natural Sapphire is not expensive because of it's high quality, but because it is rare. At Pure Gems we offer Higher Quality Lab-grown Real Blue Sapphire from Switzerland in all our Sapphire Jewelry for a fraction of the price. You will already find Sapphire Jewelry at Pure Gems for around €150 which is really affordable compared to the costs of natural Sapphire. Have a look at our Sapphire Jewelry and discover which Pure Gems you would like to purchase today.

Building on the pioneering work of French chemist Auguste Verneuil, we are now able to grow Sapphire in a controlled environment. This is done by taking a pure combination of the natural elements aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium. These elements are exposed to extreme heat of 2000 °C and combustion pressure. In this manner very high quality Sapphires are lab-grown for the use of Sapphire Jewelry. For more information about the Sapphire Creation Process view our Sapphire Jewelry Gemstone Info page.

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