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Simulated Emerald Rings and Emerald Jewelry with Top Grade Simulated Emerald Gems

Simulated Emerald Jewelry such as Simulated Emerald Rings you buy at Pure Gems. They are made with high quality simulated emeralds. These are green lab-created gemstones that beautifully resemble the visual qualities of the highest quality mined emeralds available. Emerald simulants are especially created for the use of jewelry. It's qualities make it perfect for emerald gemstone jewelry. Our emeralds have a beautiful deep emerald green color, high reflective index, crystal system, hexagonal structure, great transparency and a great hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the scale of mohs. Unlike natural emeralds mined from rock, our emerald simulants are lab-created gemstones. They are Pure Gems: free from natural imperfections, free from conflict and free from any forced labor.

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All lab-created emerald simulants used by Pure Gems are high quality lab-created gemstones that simulate the best AAA premium quality emeralds from the top 10% of gemstones. They have only slight inclutions, are rich green, have a very high brilliance. This makes Pure Gems Emerald Jewelry beautiful and long lasting. The universal method for assessing the quality of any gemstone such as Emerald is the 4 C's grading method by the GIA. The 4 C's stand for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. By using the independent 4 C's method we prove that the exceptional quality of our lab-created emerald simulants. We start with the emerald color.

Emerald Color

Emerald Jewelry | Emerald Diamond Ring, Earrings and Necklace

All our lab-created emerald simulants have the perfect emerald color. It's Pure Green color that has been evenly distributed color. Its color tone is not too light and not too dark. The gems have vivid color saturation and a high level of transparency.

Emerald Clarity

99% of natural emeralds have inclusions (flaws/imperfections) due to their natural forming process. Our Jewelry's emerald simulants are very clear and beautiful; created for near-perfection. They fall into the best emerald category 'type 1' of (near) inclusion free gems, comparable to IF or VVS on the diamond clarity scale.

Emerald Jewelry | Emerald Diamond Ring, Earrings and Necklace

Emerald Cut

The quality of the cut into a particular shape depends on the emerald’s angles, proportions, symmetrical facets and finishing details. Our Emerald Simulants have been cut to near-perfection by master craftsman. With the use of highly advanced technology they have been cut into one the most popular emerald shapes. They achieved exceptional brilliance and reflection.

Emerald Jewelry | Emerald Diamond Ring, Earrings and Necklace

Emerald Carat

Our emerald simulants have huge carat sizes ranging from 0.7ct all the way to 5ct and higher. If these same carat gems were mined natural emeralds with the same color, clarity and cut, they would cost many thousands of euro's per gemstone.

Emerald Jewelry | Emerald Diamond Ring, Earrings and Necklace


All Emerald Simulant Jewelry by Pure Gems contain these emerald simulants of superior quality and optical beauty. Only a gemstone expert could detect the difference between the two. Besides their superior quality, our emerald simulants are much more affordable than natural emeralds and 100% conflict-free.

Emerald Gem Stone

Emerald is created from the mineral known as beryl. It’s usually coming in the green color and it also integrates some vanadium and chromium depending on the situation. It has a hardness of up to 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it rather hard to break. The toughness of the Emerald can differ based on the inclusions. Our emerald simulants are of very slightly included VVS quality. The Emeralds we use are simulated Emeralds created in a lab. Although not identical to actual emerald, they are very similar to the visual properties of a natural Emerald, which means it will be very hard to figure out that this was created in a lab. You will have this type of simulated gemstone suitable for jewelry in particular.

Emerald Gem Stone

If you want to access some great jewelry without having to spend huge amounts of money, then a simulated, Emerald is what you need to buy. Simulated Emerald is a lot more affordable and it will still give you the type of value and quality you need without requiring the expense of a lot of money. Which is great, because you can have the Emerald you want at a great price from Pure Gems. This type of Emerald still has that deep emerald stone color, which is great. At the same time, you have a harness of up to 7 on the Mohs scale. And to make things even better, there’s a hexagonal structure, stellar transparency and a plethora of other features. All you have to do is to give it a try and the results can be outstanding every time.

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Simulated Emerald Jewelry is very durable, very close to the durability of a regular Emerald. However, it’s fully made inside a lab, it’s free of major imperfections and it comes without all those unwanted imperfections that normal emeralds tend to have. That’s what really makes this so distinctive and unique, and you should consider giving it a try the best way that you can. The Emerald stone created in the lab is almost perfect because it’s designed and harnessed in a perfect environment.

The mined Emerald is not like that, which is why you will find blemishes and imperfections. You really have to figure out the situation and the process itself, otherwise there can be issues. We recommend you to take your time as you try to find the right Emerald to suit your needs. The Pure Gems simulated emerald jewelry are all using high quality gemstones created in a lab. This way you get the ultimate, very high quality on the market and you never need to worry about any downsides or issues that can arise. Everything works perfectly and it brings in front a very good return on investment. It’s a tremendous benefit and you really get to have that astonishing quality you want from the Emerald you buy. Browse our store today and don’t hesitate to check out the numerous simulated Emerald options we have.

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Buy an Emerald Ring, earrings or necklace, at Pure Gems if you'd like to get the highest quality simulated emerald ring. Buying Simulated Emerald Jewelry is a very good idea if you want top of the line, great quality and tremendous value. When you want to acquire Emeralds, you always need to check the quality and ensure that it’s what you want. Thankfully, we are here to offer you only very high quality, almost perfect Emerald Rings, Earrings and Emerald necklaces. What makes our simulated Emerald Jewelry unique is the fact that it’s grown in a lab. It has similar features as the regular Emerald Jewelry, but it’s less expensive despite having the same clarity and almost the same hardness. This process will take a little bit of time to be completed adequately, but it will provide you with a very good experience.

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If you buy Simulated Emerald Jewelry such as emerald earrings, emerald rings or emerald necklaces, you will notice they have the same or better visual quality than natural emerald. Unlike the regular ones that are mined from the earth, the simulated ones are created in a lab. They are designed to have the perfect features. That makes it incredibly different and it still manages to offer you a good foray into the quality and value of these products every time.The Emerald Jewelry that’s simulated is still pure. It doesn’t have the blemishes and imperfections that mined jewelry has. Because it’s created in a lab, it still has some really impressive benefits and the quality that it gets is very interesting because of that. You retain the same transparency and hexagonal structure that you would want from a regular emerald.

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That’s why you want to give it a try and use it adequately as fast as you can. It will make a huge difference and the costs will be super affordable too, which is super important. Getting AAA Emerald Jewelry at an affordable price is an exciting proposition, and here you really get to have the quality and features that you need. It’s an incredible approach to getting Emerald Jewelry, because you get to pay way less for pretty much the same quality. The lab grown emeralds basiacally give you the visual quality you need.

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If you’re looking for Emerald Jewelry, don’t hesitate to consider the simulated options too. They really are unlike any other product on the market and it will give you the experience and results you really need. It delivers a stellar attention to detail and the results themselves can be some of the best on the market. All you have to do is to give it a try, you can find the right Emerald Jewelry for you, be it simulated or not, on the Pure Gems website. If you have any more questions about this simulated jewelry, just get in touch with us and we will gladly assist. Scroll up to view our complete simulated emerald jewelry collection of rings, earrings and necklaces.