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Gemstone Necklaces for Women | Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz & Pearl Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces and Pendants for Women with Gems, Pearls and Diamonds are what you need if you’re looking to stand out of the crowd when you go somewhere. Gemstone Necklaces make you stand out of the crowd and there are some amazing features and ideas that you can think about all the time. These Gemstone Pendants are visually stunning and you will appreciate the great quality and value being brought to the table. Here you have an example of what kind of Gemstone Necklaces you can purchase at Pure Gems.

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The main focus is to add in great and affordable gemstones to really bring in a stellar look. The precious matal used is is 92.5% fine sterling and it’s used as a setting for the desired gemstones. It brings in an astounding experience and a tremendous value for money every time. All you have to do is to give it a try and you will find the experience to be incredible and visually impressive every time. You just have to give it a try and the experience will shine no matter the situation.

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Gemstone Necklaces by Pure Gems come in 7 different kinds. Emeralds are a variety of beryl that are usually colored green. They have vanadium and chromium. They tend to have great harness, which makes emerald Gemstone Necklaces very durable. Only those gems that come with a medium to darker tone are seen as emeralds. At Pure Gems we use top grade simulated emeralds of the highest quality instead of mined emeralds.

Necklace or Pendant for Women with Gems like Emerald

Pearls are hard, very powerful gemstones that are produced within a shelled mollusk and great for pearl necklaces. They are widely known for being visually impressive and they also come in a variety of sizes. That really makes them stand out as some of the most different gemstones on the market. Ideally a pearl needs to be round and smooth. But due to the way they are created, some of them also have a baroque style to them.

Necklaces for Women with Real Pearls and Gems

Rubies can also be a part of the Gemstone Necklaces for women. Ruby is known for the fact that it has a blood red color. They have different quality based on clarity, cut, coloring and carat weight. The most valuable ruby in the world is named the pigeon blood and it commands a large premium due to its almost perfect qualities. Apart from the previously mentioned Gemstone Necklaces we offer Sapphire Necklaces, Topaz Necklaces and Simulated Diamond Necklaces as well as necklaces with citrine.

Necklace or Pendant for Women and Girls with Ruby Gem

Whether you want a regular gemstone pendant or huge Gemstone Necklaces, Pure Gems is here to help. All pendants come with a chain, making them full necklaces too. We create some of the best necklaces for women with a wide array of gemstones like the ones listed above. Don’t hesitate and browse our store now for more information and if you have questions get in touch with us today. Scroll up to view all Gemstone Necklaces with all 7 kinds of top grade gemstones.

Necklace Pendant for Women with Yellow Gem and Diamonds

Necklaces and Pendants with Birthstones and Gems 

Necklaces with Birthstones and gems are very popular nowadays. For a very long time, people have been attached to gemstones and they have been buying this type of product again and again. Birthstone jewellery has increased in popularity significantly. The idea here is to purchase a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift that matches the moth of birth of the wearer. This makes it also a great birthday gift. But what kind of birthstone jewellery can you buy nowadays? Here you have a few ideas to keep in mind.  

Necklace with Birthstones

In this case you need to have the right stone and it needs to be visually appealing. Most birthstones are set in single birthstone pendants with a matching chain. A necklace with birthstones is a true statement piece. Birthstone necklaces range in quality and value, they can be very simple and convenient, or they can be incredibly complex. You just have to make the right pick and actively figure out what works for you and what features you expect. Browse the Pure Gems Birthstone Necklaces and you will have no problem finding the right ones for you. Scroll down to find out which birthstone necklace belongs to which month.

Necklace with Birthstones by Month 

Birthstones are a certain type of gemstones that match with a month of birth. This enables you to wear the birthstone of your month, or to gift the birthstone of the month of birth of your family member or loved one. This makes birthstones a great gift for events such as birthdays and mothers day. In this article you will find which birthstones matches which month, and more information about this birthstone. All the birthstones in this article are offered at Pure Gems placed in necklaces.

April Birthstone Necklace: Diamond (Simulant)

Pendant Necklace with Simulated Diamond April Birthstone

The April birthstone is diamond or simulated diamond. What makes diamonds so impressive is their clarity and visual appeal. But at the same time, they are a symbol of purity, faith and eternal love. That being said, diamonds are some of the most popular birthstones due to their rarity and great value. They also come in a multitude of colours to choose from as well. Visit our Simulated Diamond Jewelry collection to view beautiful rings, earrings and necklaces with this April birthstone.

May Birthstone Necklace: Emerald (Simulant)

May Birthstone Necklace Pendant with Green Emerald

Emerald stands out as one of the birthstones with its beautiful green colour. Most of the time it’s associated with large necklaces. That being said, the quality of an emerald will differ, and it all comes down to its mining location, the combination of compounds used and what treatments were applied to the stone. There are also high quality simulated emeralds, which are available at Pure Gems. Visit the Emerald Jewellery collection to view all Emerald Rings, Earrings and Necklaces.

June Birthstone Necklace: Pearl

June Birthstone Necklace pendant with Real Pearl

Out of all those birthstones by month, Pearls stands out through their origin and shape. In addition, pearls are signifying innocence, charity, and faith. In addition, pearls are a sign of purity, and a lot of people consider them to be the stones of sincerity. Ideal pearls are round and smooth, but there are a multitude of variations. These are harvested from clams in various locations all over the world. All of them tend to be iridescent as well as nacreous.

July Birthstone Necklace: Ruby

July Birthstone Necklace pendant with real red ruby

Rubies are a gemstone variety of the Corundum and they stand out with their intense coloring and their amazing properties. Ruby value is determined by its clarity, cut and colour as well as carat weight. The most popular and expensive ruby is the blood-red ruby which commands a premium price. Usually a ruby is pinker than garnet. For extensive information about the Ruby Birthstone visit our Ruby Jewelry collection and information page.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

september birthstone necklace pendant with blue sapphire

This is one of those gemstones that are very rare and which deliver a huge range of colors. It’s widely known as the Wisdom stone in many circles. Sapphire is one of the gemstones by month that to many people signifies prosperity in your life. The Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry offered at Pure Gems has beautiful deep blue Sapphires. These Sapphires are of the highest quality, top grade birthstones. They are real Sapphires and have their origin in Switzerland. On our Sapphire Jewelry collection page you will find a lot more info on this September Birthstone.

November Birthstone: Topaz & Citrine

november birthstone necklace with blue topaz gem

These two gemstones are quite distinctive, but they have similar benefits. For example, they are both known for signifying a sense of calmness and happiness. Topaz is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, definitely the hardest when compared to any silicate mineral. Citrine however is a quartz variety and it ranges in colouring from brown to pale yellow based on the ferric impurities. Everything you need to know about the November birthstones Topaz and Citrine you will find on our Topaz Jewelry collection page and Citrine Jewelry page.

Women’s Pearl Necklace in Fashion

We have read about the history of pearls in Royalty and myths, but how did pearls become a fashion icon? The women pearl necklace has been a rage for some time now, and we should divulge into history to understand why. The ever-famous Coco Chanel wore multiple strands of pearls draped over her shoulders in an iconic and beautiful 1936 portrait. The portrait displayed luxury, which is the primary goal of the brand. After that, pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry procured the rank of a fashion statement. The famous and the rich around the world quickly adapted to the fashion trend to new heights.

necklace for women in pearl choker necklace style

The popularity of women’s pearl necklace increased when the gorgeous actress Audrey Hepburn acquired the role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961. Hepburn's portrait for the movie showcased a delicate yet mesmerizing pearl necklace, blessing the fashion timeline. Holly represented a wealthy socialite who wore expensive, classy black Givenchy evening gowns and opera gloves. Everything about the movie screamed in class and style.

Over the years, the style has evolved in women’s pearl necklace. Starting from pearl chokers, we reached the pearl pendant necklace. From there, we made a journey to silver pearl necklaces, and now we are back at the pearl pendant necklace. At Pure Gems we offer high quality real pearls that are cultured freshwater pearls. Visit the Pearl Jewelry collection to view our Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

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