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Gemstone Rings and Engagement Rings with Top Quality Gems & Diamonds

Gemstone Rings or Engagement Rings for Women with Gems and Diamonds are perfect if you are looking for outstanding rings that are very beautiful! Rings and Engagement Rings with Gemstones are very Unique and Precious and they are the specialty at Pure Gems, the No. 1 Jewelry Brand in Europe for Affordable Rings and Jewelry with Top Quality Gems. Women's Gemstone Rings have been crafted for thousands of years. In days past only very wealthy women and royalty would be able to have such a beautiful ring with gemstone, but times have changed. In this amazing collection of Pure Gems jewelry you will find beautiful gemstone rings to purchase for yourself of for your loved one.

Buy Rings and Engagement Rings with Gems and Diamonds

In our gemstone ring collection you will find a women's Ruby Ring with a beautiful Red Ruby, an amazing Sapphire Ring with blue Sapphires from Switzerland, a stunningly royal Emerald Simulant Ring and a great variety of the Diamond Simulant Ring and last but not least some stunning versions our Light Blue Natural Topaz Ring. The good thing about Gemstone Rings is that they are multi-purpose rings. They are great for a women to buy for herself, as well as for a gift for a women for a special occasion such as; Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversary or as a birthday gift, or for the occasion of engagement.

Rings and Engagement Rings with Gems like Emerald and Diamond

Rings and Engagement Rings for Women with Gems

Affordable Rings and Engagement Rings with Diamonds and Gems

Engagement Rings for women are being bought all around the world. Men buy an engagement ring in order to propose to their future wife. At Pure Gems you can buy unique Engagement Rings, such as Colourful Gemstone Engagement Rings which are increasing in popularity due to their unique beautiful colours. All Gemstone Engagement Rings we offer are 100% Conflict Free. 

We offer several types of Colourful Gemstone Engagement Rings such as grown gemstone Ruby Engagement Rings with the beautiful red color of love and Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings with the Sapphire coming from Switzerland. We also have natural mined gemstone engagement rings such as Blue Topaz Engagement Rings with a light blue color.

Rings and Engagement Rings with Blue Gem or Blue Diamond

Simulated, Lab Created, Man-made Gems and Diamond Rings

Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings are also available for purchase in our online store for only a fraction of the price of a natural diamond engagement ring.  Diamonds have been popular for a long time in the western world. These pure white or transparent gemstones are very beautiful. Our diamond simulant engagement rings Outperform the Quality of Natural Diamonds on all of the 4 C's for diamonds; Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. 

Affordable Engagement Rings under $100 and under $200

Rings and Engagement Rings: Everything You Should Know

Although a natural one carat diamond ring often costs between $5000 and $10.000, we have Beautiful Diamond Simulant Engagement Rings available for less than $200. The same can be said for our Emerald Simulant Engagement Rings that are also of Better Quality at the same price point. This way you can get an engagement ring under $200 compared to engagement rings that cost thousands of dollars. Another benefit is that all our gemstone and created diamond rings are 100% conflict free engagement rings. Scroll up to buy a beautiful engagement ring.

Engagement Bands: Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement Bands are the cherry on the top for one of the most memorable and special moments in life. An engagement ring is presented by the partner as an engagement gift to his future spouse when he proposes marriage or directly after the marriage proposal is accepted. It is a formal agreement for a future marriage.

The tradition of exchanging engagement bands has been around for hundreds of years and continues to be considered one of the most important symbols of commitment in modern society. With so many choices for engagement bands, engagement rings, and wedding bands, finding the right band that truly reflects your special bond can be as daunting as-well, as the finding the right person you want to spend your entire life with.

In many Western cultures, an engagement ring, often made with precious gemstones or a beautiful single diamond, and is given to a woman upon consent to get marry. In some modern societies, men also wear diamond or other gemstone engagement bands. However, in other cultures, both women and men wear the same engagement ring after engagement.

Engagement Band

Engagement rings and wedding rings for women- what is the difference?

Wedding rings are exchanged between partners during the marriage ceremonial. They are usually more simple bands in comparison to the engagement ring and do not have a center diamond or famous gemstone. Both partners accept an engagement band during the ceremony, and they each wear them on the third fingers of their left hands. Because the engagement band is placed on the same finger as the engagement ring bands, many brides choose to move their engagement rings to their right hands for the ceremony and then shift them back to the left hand afterwards so that their two rings are piled.

An engagement ring is given to an important person at the time of a marriage proposal. By tradition, women accept the engagement ring and are likely to wear it, starting from the time of the request. Having a ring on her finger will specify to the world that she is taken and is dedicated to her partner.

Happy Engaged Couple with Engagement Ring for Women

These rings can vary appreciably in terms of profligacy and cost, but the most familiar type of engagement ring has a diamond or another gemstone set a top a pretty band. The engagement ring is worn out on the third finger of the left hand. The difference between wedding bands and engagement rings depends on these two factors.

Time - the Engagement ring is given to the woman during the proposal. On the other hand, wedding rings are exchanged between partners during the wedding ceremony and are worn from that time on.

Design - Engagement rings tend to be more extravagant and usually have a diamond center stone. In contrast, wedding rings or wedding bands look simple and have a simple design.

Most men’s wedding bands are a simple metal ring like sapphire and diamond band, gemstone bands, while other styles are more intricate like ruby and diamond band and diamond channel ring. Women's engagement band rings range in style from classics like a comfortable low dome ring to detailed rings like sapphire band rings, emerald band ring and gemstone band rings.

Engagement Rings for Women

On which hand or finger do you wear the engagement ring?

In most Western countries, the tradition of wearing women's engagement band rings on the left hand ring finger dates back to the ancient Romans. They believed that this finger had a vein that ran straight to the heart, Vena Amoris, which means "vein of love." So, entire world follow same tradition of wearing the engagement band in ring finger.

Engagement Rings for Women

Styles and types of rings and engagement rings with gems and diamonds

Choosing the right engagement ring style is one of the most important steps when shopping for an engagement ring for your future groom. Ring customization plays a role not only in determining the look of the ring, but also in determining which type of diamond will suit you best. Wedding ring styles can vary greatly in appearance and personality. For example, if you take solitaire ring and then compare it to a three-row halo engagement ring. Despite the fact that they are made of the same metal, the style of the two rings is as different as possible with different price tags.

When it comes to engagement band rings, many people are obsessed with finding the perfect, flawless and colorless shiny diamond. They don't always think about choosing a style that suits their lifestyle. In addition to your budget, her personal style and her day-to-day activities are the main considerations you should consider when choosing your engagement or wedding bands. Here are guidelines that work for different styles of engagement rings.

Ruby Engagement Ring
Traditional gemstone is timeless and showcases the central diamond without distracting it. Solitaires are ring bans with a single center diamond, are the most significant style for engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire features has a simple metal band. To add a touch of grace or to keep the center diamond set especially low, consider a basket or trellis setting. To add a bit of glamor, add a row of diamond burrs on the ring band, or consider peekaboo diamonds. Three-stone engagement rings are great alternative to traditional solitaire.

Lover of outdoor activities and nature

Engagement Band with Special Design

Does your fiancé is lover of nature or a one who is happy in nature? Rings with organic design elements such as leaves, vines and flowers will suit her. For an active woman, choose a setting that holds the diamond below the hand. A bezel or thin metal band that wraps around the diamond around its waist is also great option for protecting the diamond.

Engagement Ring Bands

Stylish and sociable style rings

If the wearer loves to dazzle with glamor, she might like the setting that holds her diamond higher, or perhaps the one set with sparkling pave diamonds on the ring band. Halo interaction settings are also very popular. In the Halo settings, a diamond circle is added around the center diamond to add sparkle and make the center diamond larger.

Halo Engagement Band

Contemporary and Modern with gems

Does your lover appreciate modern, fashionable style? See sculptural rings - rings experimenting with unconventional shapes. Consider the frame-the bezel-a thin metal band that hugs the diamond along the entire length of the belt. If she wants to ditch the traditional center diamond entirely, consider a wide ring with beautiful details. Add shine with diamond or gemstone accents.

Unique Engagement Rings

In Cluster settings of band many small stones group together to create the same effect as a large diamond. For this reason, they are also known as "illusory" rings. This makes them the perfect affordable engagement and wedding band ring option. Clustered diamonds are a great way to maximize sparkle and shine without compromising your budget. It's also a versatile option - choose either a traditional circular cluster or a more unique and modern asymmetrical design.

Romantic and timeless solitaire rings 

Does your fiancé love everything vintage and romantic? Choose engagement rings with mil grain details, pattern of intricate galleries, filigree or curls and graceful stripes. Check out Pure Gems diamond engagement rings featured in our collection inspired by antiques. Or, if your partner loves unique, one-of-a-kind things from the past, consider an authentic vintage engagement ring. We have a great online collection of emerald band ring, ruby and diamond band, sapphire diamond band, gemstone bands, which is constantly updated.

Engagement Rings for Women with Gemstones and Simulated Diamond

Ring band with shank and split shank

If you lover love to wear split or shank band ring then one of the easiest ways to personalize your engagement ring is to change the stem or the band of the ring. While there are many beautiful designs, one of the stylish is the split shank design. The band of the ring is split in two on either side of the center stone, leaving a small gap. Where splitting the shank can create completely different designs; a larger divisions gives the ring an antique look, especially when set with pave diamonds. Meanwhile, a smaller split is a subtle way to make the center stone bigger.

Eternity Engagement band Rings

It is favorite style of most of ladies. The ring of eternity is the highest symbol of eternal love. The band of the ring consists of an unbreakable chain of diamonds, connected together forever. Diamonds on an eternity strap can be pavé, canal or French setting, depending on the style of the wearer. Traditionally, a separate eternity ring is given either on the wedding anniversary or at the birth of the couple's first child. However, some couples choose to give a special look to this gift and instead complement the bride's engagement ring with a hoop for eternity.

Engagement Bands

Shaped Band Ring

Curly bands are a big trend in wedding or engagement rings nowadays. One of the most popular is the chevron style. The shank is shaped like a triangle with a pear-shaped diamond connected to the tip to create a drop effect. It is most popular band style that creates harmony between the band and stone, uniting them in symmetry. As a result, some people thinks that this is an image of two people who are perfect for each other. It is also a modern look and is even more dramatic when paired with a shaped wedding band.

The ring band setting is the basis of the entire ring design. The choice largely depends on the personal style and preferences, as well as the lifestyle of the owner. Some settings are better suited for active people or those who work with their hands, while other designs are more complex with high-set stones. Consider also how often the ring will actually be cleaned and maintained, as some settings require more maintenance than others.

Engagement Rings for Women and Unique Engagement Bands

How to choose the best ring or engagement ring?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or not sure, consider choosing a diamond, but make an offer with a temporary engagement setting. This approach allows her to choose the perfect setting for herself. Women are involved in over 60% of engagement decisions, so rest assured you are not alone in this decision. If you'd rather surprise her and are just looking for new ideas, check out most popular and in trend designs of Engagement rings. These are the most popular style of engagement bands. You can select you best style according to taste, budget and event. Click on the engagement ring image below to view all 27 rings in our Engagement Bands Collection.

Engagement Rings for Women with Precious Gems

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